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What is TollTag

TollTag is an electronic tag transponder accepted for toll payments across all toll facilities of Texas along with Kansas and Oklahoma. The tag is issued by the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA)[1]; allows motorists to pay tolls without stopping at toll booths.

Toll Tag is accepted in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma along with TxTag, PikePass, K Tag, and EZ Tag

Its account can be replenished with cash, credit or debit card. Once the account amount reaches $10, the user receives a notice or $40 automatically gets deducted from the linked card. You can manage the funds in the TollTag account using the Tollmate mobile app or website[2].

Calculate toll cost to travel across Texas with TollTag installed in your vehicle using out TollTag Toll Calculator.

How much is a TollTag

The cost of Texas TollTag[3] for different types are:

Standard TollTag for $40 (for up to three TollTags). It is used by frequent users Starter TollTag for $20. It is preferred by occasional travellers

How do I get a TollTag for Texas

You can TollTag in the following ways- 

  • Online- You can create a new TollTag account at the NTTA website[4]. It allows you to easily make payments, update the debit and credit card and make changes to personal details or vehicle details. 
  • Customer service center- You can open a Texas TollTag account by visiting the customer service center as well. To know more about the TollTag online customer service center[5]. You can manage your TxTag account online 24-hours a day. 
  • Participating retail outlet- You can also fill out an application form for a TollTag account at participating retail outlets[6].

What is a Starter TollTag

Starter TollTag account is best suited for infrequent users at Texas toll roads.

The starter TollTag account can be created with a $20 balance in the account. It provides the same benefit as a usual TollTag account such as the lowest toll rates on Texas toll roads, easy online access, no ZipCash bills, easy payment for terminal parking at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, dedicated payment lanes for DFW International and Dallas Love Field Airports and automatic payment for any toll roads in Texas and Oklahoma.

Once you become a frequent traveler, the starter TollTag account will automatically convert to a TollTag account with a $40 mandatory account balance. 

Where can I use TollTag

TollTag can be used in various states and with different vehicles as discussed below:

TollTag for other states

TollTag is accepted in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. It is interoperable with K-Tag of Kansas, PikePass of Oklahoma, EZ TAG and TxTag. 

TollTag for motorcycles

Yes, TollTag works for motorcycles. 

TollTag for more than one vehicle

The same TollTag transponder cannot be used on different vehicles as it is registered to the vehicle license plate number. However, you can have up to 3 TollTags through a single TollTag account without any additional cost. 

TollTag for airport parking

TollTag accounts with automatic payments backed with credit or debit cards can use TollTag to pay for parking and pass-through at Dallas/Fort Worth International and Dallas Love Field airports. Transactions less than $10 are deducted from the TollTag account balance however transactions worth more than $10 will be deducted separately from the credit or debit card. 

How do I get a NTTA toll tag replacement

It is recommended to get a new NTTA TollTag if you have to replace your windshield or plan to use your existing one in a new vehicle. It’s because removing the sticky tag or transferring hard-case may damage the chip inside; then you’ll get ZipCash bills at a higher rate.

A new NTTA TollTag can be requested for free of charge. To replace an NTTA toll tag, visit the NTTA online customer service center[7] and follow these steps:

1. Log into your account
2. Go to ‘Account Maintenance’ on left navigation bar
3. Under ‘Place Orders’, click on the link to request a new TollTags
4. Enter details of the new (or existing customer vehicle)

Once you submit the request, a new TollTag will be sent in 7-10 working days.

Can I one use TollTag for multiple vehicles

TollTags are issued to specific vehicles, so you cannot use one TollTag for multiple vehicles. However, customers who subscribe to $40 Standard TollTag get 3 of them with the same account. To add upto six vehicles to an account, you’ll have to pay $80.

Can TollTag be used with rental vehicles

TollTag can be used on rental vehicles only when the rental car companies work with NTTA to offer toll road access. If NTTA does not have an agreement with a rental car company you may be subjected to rental agency fines when you use toll roads in Texas. 

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