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The extensive network of 480+ toll roads in India crosses its 23 states and union territories. Most of them are owned by the NHAI (National Highway Authority of India)[1] while some are entrusted with the private concessionaires to maintain and collect tolls. The toll tax is collected through cash, credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and FASTag.

Below are the toll plaza rate list for a car/jeep/van to travel through some popular toll roads:

Toll rates for major toll roads in India
Toll Road or Stretch Tolls for One-Way for FASTag (₹)
Mumbai–Pune Expressway 310
Yamuna Expressway 415
Vijayawada–Hyderabad Expressway 335
Kodaikanal Ghat Road (SH 156) 60

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How many toll gates are there in India state wise

There are over 1000 toll gates in India. It’s notable Tamil Nadu has the most number of toll roads in India.

Click on the state name below to see its NHAI toll plaza list, payment method and more.

All the states and union territories of India
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Haryana Nagaland
Andhra Pradesh Himachal Pradesh Odisha
Arunachal Pradesh Jammu and Kashmir Puducherry
Assam Jharkhand Punjab
Bihar Karnataka Rajasthan
Chandigarh Kerala Sikkim
Chhattisgarh Lakshadweep Tamil Nadu
Dadra and Nagar Haveli Madhya Pradesh Telangana
Daman and Diu Maharashtra Tripura
Delhi Manipur Uttar Pradesh
Goa Meghalaya Uttarakhand
Gujarat Mizoram West Bengal

What are the toll rules in India

Toll plaza rules in India dictate that drivers crossing the toll plazas must pay the relevant toll tax before using the toll facility. However, the following VIP vehicles are exempted:

  • The President of India
  • Prime-Minister of India
  • Other ministers and MPs
  • Chief Justice of India and many judges
  • Governor of any State
  • Speaker of the House of People
  • Several Secretaries
  • Foreign Dignitaries, etc.

Other vehicles in this category are police vehicles, fire brigade, ambulances, etc.

Why are there toll gates in India

In India, for every toll road, toll highway, etc. a fee is charged for recovering the toll facility construction and maintenance cost. The toll gates serve as the toll tax collection point.

Is toll free for local residents in India

It is not free but local residents - living within 20 km radius of toll plazas on national highways - pay a discounted rate[2]. TollGuru Toll API provides this information.

Is FASTag mandatory in India

FASTag is mandatory for all vehicles in India. If you travel without a FASTag on National Highways, you’ll have to pay double the toll fees. The Indian government is pushing towards making it mandatory across all the highways[3].

How are Indian tolls calculated

The amount of toll is determined based on the length of the stretch of toll road (usually 60 km). If this is less, you will be charged based on the actual length of the road. Other factors are infrastructure type (bridge, tunnel, bypass etc.) and also the vehicle’s axle count, load etc.

You can calculate the toll for your trip across India using TollGuru Toll Calculator.

Is toll free after 3 minutes of wait Is FASTag mandatory in India

No, it is a myth that when waiting time exceeds 3 minutes on Indian toll plaza lanes, the toll will be exempted. However, if the length of the queue exceeds 100 m from the toll plaza, the driver will not have to pay the toll[4].

Calculate tolls and fuel cost to travel across India

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