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Bulgaria[1] - the oldest country in Europe - lies in the Balkan region. The country shares its borders with Romania, Greece, Turkey, North Macedonia and Serbia.

In Bulgaria, tolls are charged on all motorways, expressways and 1st class roads. At the Romanian border, there are two toll bridges across the Danube river, Calafat - Vidin bridge, and Giurgiu - Rousse bridge.

How does toll system work in Bulgaria

There are two types of toll systems in Bulgaria.

  • For vehicles with 4 wheels and weight under 3.5 tonnes
    • E-Vignette is mandatory on the tolled roads. E-Vignette is an electronic document that confirms the payment of toll fees for usage of the road network for a certain validity period
  • For vehicles with a permissible maximum mass over 3.5 tonnes
    • Satellite-based BGtoll system calculates the toll based on the distance traveled on a toll road. Vehicles can either buy a Route pass prior to the trip or install a Tollpass on-board unit[2] which settles tolls automatically

Where to buy a vignette in Bulgaria

Since 2019, Bulgaria has implemented E-Vignette. The vignettes are purchased online[3], at retail outlets and at dedicated sale points. Unlike toll stickers, e-vignette details are stored centrally by toll authorities and it is not required to stick it to the windscreen. E-Vignettes come with different validity periods like

  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 1 year

Vignette categories also vary for light motor vehicles (cars) and vehicles with trailers. Driving without a vignette on a paid road network is an offence. National Toll Management enforces the vignette payment through cameras installed on the road.

E-vignette rates for different validity periods in Bulgaria
Validity Vehicles under 3.5 tons (in BGN) Car trailers with combined weight over 3.5 tons (in BGN)
1 weekend 10.00 лв. 10.00 лв.
1 week 15.00 лв. 15.00 лв.
1 month 30.00 лв. 30.00 лв.
3 months 54.00 лв. 54.00 лв.
1 year 97.00 лв. 97.00 лв.

Using TollGuru Bulgaria calculator, you can get vignette rates,distance based toll cost for trucks for your trips across Bulgaria.

Truck Tolls and Tollpass OBU in Bulgaria

Bulgaria uses GNSS technology to charge tolls for trucks, HGVs and vehicles which weigh over 3.5 tonnes. The satellite system charges rates automatically as the vehicle travels on a toll road using an on-board unit. Before the start of the trip, the user has to enter toll-related parameters like axle count and weight, which is verified by in motion sensors present on the roads.

Toll rates, and how to pay truck tolls

For vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, toll fees are based on the total kilometres travelled. The price per kilometer depends on the axle count, weight and emission class of the vehicle. It also varies with the type of road. Truck toll rates are usually higher than bus rates.

For occasional trips, users can buy the Route pass for a pre-selected route at These are also available at border checkpoints. The Route pass is valid for 24hrs from the selected trip date and users can purchase in advance.

For frequent road users, Tollpass OBU is recommended for the settlement of toll bills every month.

How to calculate tolls in Europe

You can calculate tolls - distance based toll, close and open system, vignette - and fuel cost by car, truck (with or without a trailer), taxi, bus, caravans using Europe Toll Calculator. You can see the cheapest, the fastest, and other optimal routes to your destination. You will see toll plaza(s) on your route, payment methods for each toll gate, discounts, etc. You can specify vehicle attributes - axles, weight, height, emission standards, etc. - to get toll information customized to your vehicle.

Ride share, OEM, and other businesses can leverage toll intelligence by integrating with the Toll API for pre-trip cost estimation and post-trip toll reconciliation in Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Australia.

Which European countries have motorway tolls

Use Europe Toll Guide to know more about European Tolling Systems

You can click on a country name to know toll information - toll payments, toll gates, toll prices - for the country.

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