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In Argentina, the highway network[1] is maintained by state funds provided through toll booths located near each major city that connects each section of the highway. At more than 5,200 km, the La Ruta Nacional 40 is the longest route in Argentina from south to north parallel to the Cordillera de los Andes. Tolls can be paid using cash or TelePASE. The major toll roads in Argentina are:

The car toll price for different toll roads of Argentina are following:
Highway Toll in normal schedule (ARS) Toll in peak hours (ARS)
Riccheri Highway or National Route A002 28 -
Dock Sud and Hudson (Province Sense) 32 42
Bernal / Quilmes / Berazategui (Province Sense) 24 29
Hudson toll (Direction CABA) 66 84
Tolls Dock Sud Southeast Access (Direction CABA) 33 42
Highway 2 | Samborombón toll 120 -
Highway 2 | Maipú toll 120 -
Route 11 | La Huella Toll 120 -
Route 11 | Mar Chiquita toll 57 -
Route 74 | Gral. Madariaga toll 53 -
Autopistas 25 de Mayo 104,63 148,22
Perito Moreno 104,63 148,22

You can use the Argentina Toll Calculator to calculate the tolls and gasoline cost to travel across the entire country.

Toll concessionaires in Argentina

Following are the major toll concessionaires in Argentina:

  • Autopistas del Sol[2]
  • AUBASA[3]
  • AUSA[4]
  • Corredores Viales S.A[5]
  • Caminos del Río Uruguay SA[6]
  • Grupo Concesionario del Oeste S.A

Toll Corridors, Accesos and National Route Network of Argentina

Argentina’s extensive toll network can be broadly divided in various facilities considered as accesos, national routes or corridors.

Toll plazas of Argentina for all Corridors, Accesos and National Route Network including National Route 1 and Riccheri Highway.
Toll plaza locations in Argentina

Click the Accesos below to learn more about their coverage, toll payment and more.
Acceso Norte Acceso Oeste
Click the Rutas nacionale y autopista below to learn more about their coverage, toll payment and more.
Autopista 25 de Mayo Autopista Arturo Illia Autopista Buenos Aires – La Plata
Autopista Perito Moreno Autopista Rosario Santa Fe Paseo Del Bajo

Click the Corredores Viales below to learn more about their coverage, toll payment and more.
Corredores Viales peaje Nacionales Tramo I Corredores Viales peaje Nacionales Tramo II Corredores Viales peaje Nacionales Tramo III
Corredores Viales peaje Nacionales Tramo IV Corredores Viales peaje Nacionales Tramo V Corredores Viales peaje Nacionales Tramo VI

How is the toll paid in Argentina

Tolls in Argentina can be paid through:

  1. Manual payment systems - This includes payment via cards and cash. However, this method of payment is not acceptable on all toll roads.
  2. Electronic toll payment method- The electronic toll payment method in Argentina includes payment by TelePASE and Electronic Toll Plus.

TelePASE Argentina

Main article: TelePASE

TelePASE[7], also called teletoll, is an electronic toll system to enable drivers to pay toll automatically as they pass through toll plazas on the motorway network of Argentina. Tolls with the TelePASE system can be paid by credit card or by using the Pim Virtual Wallet.

Refer to the TelePASE page to learn how to get it, where it works, its benefits and more.

How many highways does Buenos Aires have

The Access Network to Buenos Aires is a set of important avenues and highways connecting the city of Buenos Aires with other important ones. The important ones include:

Calculate tolls and fuel cost to travel across Argentina

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