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The motorway tolls in South Australia are in Sydney, Brisbane, and Toowoomba while Melbourne’s comes in Western Australia toll. Click on the city name below to see their toll roads map and learn about their tolling system, payment methods, and more.

Cities with motorway tolls, toll tunnels and other toll facilities in Australia
Sydney Brisbane Melbourne

The major toll facilities in Australia are:

Toll roads in NSW

 Sydney Harbour Bridge
 Sydney Harbour Tunnel
 Hills M2 Motorway
 M5 South-West Motorway
 Westlink M7 Motorway
 Eastern Distributor
 Cross City Tunnel
 Lane Cove Tunnel
 Military Road E-Ramp
 WestConnex M4 Motorway
 WestConnex M5 East Motorway
 WestConnex M8 Motorway

Toll roads in Victoria


Toll roads in Queensland

 Gateway Motorway
 Logan Motorway
 Airport Link M7
 Clem 7 Tunnel
 Go Between Bridge
 Legacy Way

All the toll facilities in Australia are electronic: you can only pay tolls using toll passes such as LinkT (which are also marketed as Brisbane pass, Melbourne Pass and Sydney Pass) and E-Toll. If you don't carry a toll pass, a toll invoice is sent to the vehicle owner, which includes a fine.

Calculate the tolls to travel across Australia using our Australia Toll Calculator.

How do tolls work in Australia

Most tollways in Australia are open systems: collect tolls at a barrier or mainline toll plaza. An exception is the Westlink M7 where tolls are calculated based on distance from entry/exit points. For both methods, toll payments are fully electronic.

How do you pay tolls in Australia

You pay tolls using LinkT[1] or E-Toll[2] - both of them work Australia-wide. You have to make an account with either of them which comes in various types for frequent travellers and tourists.

How much are tolls in Australia

The toll charge in Australia can depend upon the toll facility, travel distance, time of travel and vehicle class. Below are the toll rates for some toll facilities that charge fixed rates:

Major toll facilities in Australia that charge fixed rate
Toll Facility Toll Charge for Car (A$)
Sydney Harbour Bridge (southbound) 4.00 (varies by time of day)
M5 South-West 5.49
North Connex 9.35

Visit the Transport NSW website[3] for detailed toll rates of all the toll facilities in Sydney.

You can use Toll Calculator Australia to calculate tolls between any two cities and multiple waypoints in Australia.

How do I pay Sydney tolls

You can pay Sydney tolls using:

But in case of toll payment after travel in Sydney, you have to buy a Sydney Pass[4] within 5 days or open an account[5] within 10 days of your trip. To know if you have unpaid tolls or not, search for invoice with your licence plate number on LinkT website[6].

Who owns toll roads in Australia

Most of the toll roads in Australia are owned by the Transurban Group[7]. Other government entities and companies are:

  1. Department of Transport NSW[8]
  2. WestConnex[9]
  3. Horizon Roads Pty Limited Group
  4. NorthWestern Roads Group Pty Ltd

Calculate tolls and fuel cost to travel across Australia

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