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Turkey toll highways and bridges are HGS (Hızlı Geçiş Sistemi or High-Speed Toll System). This “Fast Transit System” increases the speed of traffic flow. You can not pay tolls on highways and bridges with cash or credit card in Turkey anymore. KGM (Karayolları Genel Müdürlüğü) in Turkey is the state agency in charge of the construction and maintenance of all public highways (toll roads and bridges) outside cities and towns in Turkey.

The toll plazas in Turkey for all the highways and bridges including Bosphorus Bridge and Osmangazi Bridge.
Toll plaza locations in Turkey

How do you pay for tolls in Turkey (Turcia)

To pay your car and truck toll in Turkey, you must have either an HGS tag or OGS On-board unit (OBU)[1]. Tolls are automatically deducted and paid online when you pass through a toll plaza in Turkey.

HGS (High-speed toll system) in Turkey (Turcia)

HGS tag transponder (Hızlı Geçiş Sistemi) in Turkey allows users to pass through the toll plaza and pay tolls electronically (online). Unlike OGS On-board units[1] in Turkey, you need not slow down your vehicle while going through the toll plaza.

How do I check my HGS credit

To check you HGS credit amount you can

  • Check your HGS online[2]
  • Using PTT’s HGS customer service number (444 17 88)

HGS chip tag in Turkey is prepaid. After each transaction made using HGS, your balance information is shared to your linked GSM number that you have specified in the system.

How to buy HGS credit in Turkey

To buy HGS credit in Turkey you can visit PTT office product sale and buy credits using

  • Cash
  • Credit cards
  • Postal Cheque
  • PTTBonus Credit cards

What is OGS in Turkey (Turcia)

OGS (Otomatik Geçiş Sistem or Automatic Pass System) in Turkey is an electronic toll system that allows you to pay tolls automatically using an On-board unit[1]. OGS in Turkey removes the hassle to stop and pay tolls. All you need to do is to slow down a little (30km/h) and toll charges will be deducted from your associated account.

HGS vs OGS Turkey

OGS (Otomatik Geçiş Sistemi) is an On-board[1] unit which allows you to pay tolls in Turkey. OGS is a slow-speed automatic toll system where you drive more slowly (~30km/h) through a toll gate and the OGS transponder pays the toll.

HGS ( Hızlı Geçiş Sistemi) is an electronic chip that allows you to pay your toll automatically.

Toll violation fine in Turkey (Turcia)

For violation - an absence of HGS - OGS or low balance in the account in Turkey - you will not be charged a fine if you register for HGS, OGS, or recharge your account within 15 days of the violation notice.

How do I find out the price category of vehicles in Turkey (Turcia)

Tolls in Turkey are dependent upon:

  • Axles
  • Wheelbase length (distance between the first and second axle)

Vehicle classes in Turkey based on wheelbase and axles.
Vehicle classes in Turkey based on wheelbase and axles. Class
<3.2 1
>=3.2 and 2 Axles 2
3 Axles 3
4-5 Axles 4
6 or more Axles 5
Motorcycles 6

Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge (Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge) toll rates[3]

Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge toll rates
Vehicle Class Toll (TL)
1 21.9
2 29.1
3 54.1
4 137.3
5 170.8
6 15.35

Istanbul Osmangazi Bridge (Gebze to Yalova Bridge) toll rates

Istanbul Osmangazi Bridge toll rates
Vehicle Class Toll (TL)
1 117.9
2 188.65
3 224
4 297.1
5 374.9
6 82.55

To calculate toll charges for any vehicle class, to know the fuel cost, and to avoid toll roads in Turkey, use TollGuru Turkey toll calculator.

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Ride share, OEM, and other businesses can leverage toll intelligence by integrating with the Toll API for pre-trip cost estimation and post-trip toll reconciliation in Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Australia.

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