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Slovenia charges highway tolls using vignettes[1] for domestic transportation. You can pay truck tolls in Slovenia using the DarsGo box[2]. Karavanke tunnel connects Austria and Slovenia. For vehicles not exceeding 3.5 tonnes the charged tolls for Karavanke tunnel can directly be paid at the toll gate at Hrušica toll station.

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What is Vignette in Slovenia

Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes of weight (including motorcycles) are charged tolls using vignette[1]. The vignette cost in Slovenia is dependent upon :

  1. Weight
  2. Duration
  3. Height
  4. Axles (Cars/Motorcycles)

How much is vignette in Slovenia for 2021

The following table provides the latest 2021 toll charges of vignette (including VAT) in Slovenia based on validity period.

Slovenia vignette price for 2021
Duration Cars below 1.3m (EUR) Cars above 1.3m (EUR)
7 days 15 30
1 months 30 60
12 months 110 220

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Which roads in Slovenia require vignette

For motorcycles and vehicles under 3.5 tonnes, most of the motorways and expressways are tolled using vignette[1].

Where can I buy a Slovenia vignette in Croatia, Austria, Hungary and Italy

Vignettes in Slovenia can be bought from various Darsi establishments’ point of sale [3], Kompas stores, petrol stations, post offices, newsagents and at border crossings.

Slovenia Vignette Fine

A fine charge ranging from 300 EUR to 800 EUR will be imposed if caught using motorways and expressways in Slovenia without or with expired vignette. The fine would be reduced by 50% if paid immediately.

Vignettes in Slovenia are stickers which can be applied inside of your windscreen in such a way that it will be well visible from the outside. They are valid for a period of time (Slovenia vignette price for 2021), allowing buyers to access tolled motorways and expressways of Slovenia.

Tolling systems in Slovenia

The following tables provide a gist of the payment methods based upon the vehicle's weight.

Slovenia domestic toll methods.
Weight (tonnes) Method
>3.5 DarsGo
<3.5 Vignette
Slovenian to Austria Karavanke tunnel toll methods.
Weight (tonnes) Method
>3.5 DarsGo
<3.5 Pay at Hrušica toll station along with vignette charges.

DarsGo Box

What is DarsGo

Put in place on 1st April 2018, DarsGo is an electronic toll system that utilizes microwave technology to charge tolls to heavy vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes of weight. The whole Slovenian motorway and expressway network with a total length of 623 km is divided into 128 tolling sections. With the help of gantries installed above each section and the DarsGo box installed in the vehicles, tolling is automatic with fees based on total distance traveled.

Cost of issuing a DarsGo[4] unit is 10 EUR (VAT included) and can be purchased from DarsGo portal.

What factors affect the toll cost in Slovenia

Tolls in Slovenia depend on a variety of factors. The factors include the following

  1. Length of the section travelled.
  2. Number of axles of the vehicle
  3. Weight of the vehicle
  4. EURO emission standard

How to buy DarsGo when travelling from Croatias, Austria, Hungary or Italy

For vehicles having weight greater than >3.5 tonnes, it is mandatory to use DasGo OBU on the Slovenian motorways and expressways.

  1. You can contact your existing OBU provider to facilitate the process or can apply directly at the DarsGo portal to order your OBU.
  2. The on-board unit is free of charge (no rental or service fees) and no security deposit is needed. However, there is a processing fee of 10 EUR.
  3. Once the registration is completed, it can be collected on the border from the DarsGo service station or fuel station (MOL, OMV, Petrol).

Karavanke road tunnel toll cost

Spanning across 8 kilometers, Karavanke tunnel connects Austria and Slovenia. For vehicles under 3.5 tonnes the charged tolls for Karavanke tunnel can directly be paid at the toll gate at Hrušica toll station, however vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes need to have a DarsGo box on-board unit when travelling from Slovenia to Austria.

Information on how to pay the Karavanke tunnel toll driving from Austria is available at the ASFINAG[5].

Toll charges for Karavanke tunnel

Slovenia Karavanke tunnel toll charges for cars and vehicles not exceeding 3.5 tonnes
Section / Vehicle Car (EUR)
Karavanke tunnel (AT/SL) €7.60

How to calculate tolls in Europe

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