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New Zealand[1] is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main landmasses - the North Island and the South Island. The toll roads in New Zealand use the electronic toll collection system. They will charge automatically as you drive through these toll plazas. You can pay the toll fees online or at selected stations.

How do you pay for toll roads in NZ

There are different ways for you to pay tolls in New Zealand

  • Cash/Credit/Debit card: If you prefer to use Cash/Credit/Debit card you will be subjected to a fee of $1.50 per transaction. You can pay tolls at specific service stations.
  • POLi: If you have internet banking, then you can buy or pay a Pay & Go toll (external link) using the POLi payments service[2].
  • Pay & Go: You can pay for multiple tolls or single toll on a single toll road. You can purchase up to 10 tolls per toll road in one transaction using the POLi payments service [3].

Calculate tolls, fuel costs, and optimized routes for your travel by car, truck, taxi, bus, caravans (with or without a trailer) for New Zealand using NZ Trip Calculator. It also shows the cheapest, fastest, and other optimal routes to your destination along with toll plaza(s) location en route, payment methods, and more.

How do tolls work in NZ

Electronic toll collection with cameras and sensors are used to capture an image of your vehicle’s registration plate and assign the correct toll.

  • When you are driving your vehicle on toll roads there are no toll plazas, you don’t have to slow down your vehicle, the camera captures an image of your license plate and reads the license plate.
  • The toll system uses the latest image recognition technology to determine whether you’re driving a motorcycle, car, truck or bus, and assign the correct toll.
  • The toll rate depends on the vehicle you are driving and no additional charges is charged for towing a trailer.
  • Your vehicle is automatically checked by the system if it's linked to an account. If yes, the toll is deducted automatically. If it isn’t, the system holds the toll record. If you haven’t paid within five working days, a Toll Payment Notice [4] may be sent to the registered person of the vehicle.

What are the toll roads in New Zealand

Here is a list of toll roads in New Zealand

  1. Northern Gateway
  2. Tauranga Eastern Link
  3. Takitimu Drive

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Northern Gateway
Northern Gateway is a 7.5km motorway north of Auckland between Silverdale and Pūhoi, part of State Highway 1 (SH1). Heading north, the toll road begins just before Ōrewa and ends after the Johnstone Hills near Pūhoi. The toll road gives you a choice between a more direct route or the scenic State Highway 17 via Ōrewa.

Tauranga Eastern Link
The Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road is a 15km tolled section of State Highway 2 (SH2) running between the Domain Road interchange, near Pāpāmoa, and the Paengaroa roundabout. The free alternative route takes you on the Te Puke Highway, through Te Puke.

Takitimu Drive
Formerly known as Route K Toll Road, Takitimu Drive is a 5km road that bypasses the Tauranga city centre and takes traffic from State Highway 29 (SH29) to State Highway 2 (SH2) in the direction of the Port of Tauranga and Mt Maunganui. The alternative toll free routes are via Cameron Road or Cambridge/Moffat Roads.

How much is the toll rate in Auckland

Toll prices are signposted as you approach each toll road. The toll rates for Auckland are the rates associated with Northern Gateway Toll Road. If you are continuing further down on State Hwy 2 it is Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road and for Takitimu Drive it is Takitimu Drive Toll Road.

New Zealand toll roads charges 2023
Roads Car, motorcycle, light commercial vehicle(3.5 tonnes or less) Heavy vehicle (over 3.5 tonnes)
Northern Gateway $2.60 $5.20
Tauranga Eastern Link $2.30 $5.60
Takitimu Drive $2.10 $5.40

How do I find out if I owe tolls NZ

  • Toll Payment Notices are sent to the address held by the transport agency at the time the toll road was used.
  • You can check your details by clicking on ‘Online services’ at, or call 0800 108 809.

Note: You should keep your addresses associated with your license plate updated to receive the Toll payment notices.

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