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Toll Charges in France

To quickly and accurately calculate the toll prices, fuel cost and the overall cost of journey in France, use TollGuru Toll Calculator as it is very difficult to calculate toll from rate charts in France. The following table summarizes toll charges a few popular routes (A6 tolls, A10 tolls) in France Vehicles exceeding 12 tonnes of weight (trucks, HGV etc) pay motorway tolls via electronic payment system Eurovignette in Denmark.

Toll charges in France 2021
A7/A8 Lyon / Marseille - Aix €25,20 €40,40
A7/A9 Lyon / Montpellier €27,40 €43,20
A7/A9 Lyon / Espagne (Perthus) €47,20 €73,20
A54/A7/A8 Arles / Marseille - Aix €4,50 €6,80
A9 Montpellier / Espagne (Perthus) €18,80 €29,00
A9/A61 Montpellier / Toulouse sud-ouest €23,70 €36,20
A9 Montpellier / Narbonne-est €8,40 €13,00
A8 Aix / Nice €18,40 €27,70
A51 Aix / Gap (La Saulce) €13,20 €18,80
A89 Bordeaux / Clermont-Ferrand €38,50 €59,10
A89 Bordeaux / Lyon (La Tour de Salvagny) €54,80 €84,30
A62/A61/A9/A54/A7 Bordeaux / Marseille €55,20 €85,20
A10 Paris (La Folie-Bessin) / Orléans-nord €10,90 €16,50
A10 Paris (La Folie-Bessin) / Tours-centre €23,40 €36,00
A10 Paris (La Folie-Bessin) / Poitiers-sud €36,20 €54,90
A10 Paris (La Folie-Bessin) - Bordeaux (Virsac) €56,20 €86,40
10 Tours Centre (Sorigny) Bordeaux (Virsac) €32,80 €50,40
A28 Tours (Saint-Christophe) / Alençon-sud €12,80 €19,90
A10/A71 Paris (La Folie-Bessin) / Bourges €22,70 €36,70
A11 Paris (La Folie-Bessin) / Le Mans-nord €18,90 €28,80
A11/A81 Paris (La Folie-Bessin) / La Gravelle €29,50 €45,00
A11 Paris (La Folie-Bessin) / Angers (Corzé) €29,40 €45,30
A11 Paris (La Folie-Bessin) / Nantes €38,30 €59,70
A83/A10 Nantes / Bordeaux €29,40 €44,70
A11 Nantes / Angers €8,90 €14,40
A85 Angers / Tours €10,80 €15,80
A11/A85 Nantes / Vierzon-nord €32,00 €50,00
A62 Toulouse nord-est / Bordeaux €20,00 €32,00
A62/A61/A9 Bordeaux / Toulouse / Montpellier €44,30 €69,10
A61/A9 Toulouse sud-est / Espagne (Perthus) €23,30 €36,20

If you have a French Liber-t toll tag, then you can pay electronically without stopping at the toll gates. If you don’t have a French toll tag then you can buy a ticket at the entry toll gates by pressing a button and pay toll charges while exiting the autoroute. At some autoroutes in France, you can pay directly while exiting the motorway.

To calculate France toll rates and fuel costs for different payment methods using TollGuru France toll calculator.

How do you pay tolls in France

Motorway tolls payment in France depends on the French motorway network you are travelling on. To pay tolls at toll gates in France autoroute you can use cash, fuel card or Liber-t on-board unit. Places which do not have toll gates and are Free Flow systems in France, you can pay using a mobile application over the internet or via Liber-t.

Agencies operating the French toll roads

French toll tag

French toll tag (Liber-t) is a device that allows you to pay tolls on motorways in France without needing you to stop and pay at toll gates. When travelling on designated lanes (lanes with Liber-t symbol or the tag-only lane), the tolls will electronically get deducted from the linked account. You can use French toll tag by attaching them to a central-top position of the windscreen in a visible place behind the rear-view mirror.

Can you pay contactless tolls on French toll roads

Yes, you can pay toll in France contactlessly using French toll tags like Liber-t. You will continue to pay contactless on French toll roads even after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can you buy a toll pass for France

You can order your Liber-t toll tag online[12].

Do you need a vignette in France

No, you don’t need a vignette in France to pay toll. However, in certain areas, you require a Crit’Air vignettes [13] to indicate your vehicle's Euro emission standard.

How to determine the price category of a vehicle

Price category of vehicle in France is determined based on:

  • Vehicle type (passenger cars, trucks, busses, motorcycles)
  • Overall height in meters
  • Gross weight of the vehicle

Price category of vehicle in France 2021
Vehicle Category
Passenger cars (with/without the trailer), overall height under 2 meters, gross weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes Classe 1
Vans with the trailer and caravans, overall height from 2 to 3 metres and gross weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes. Classe 2
Vehicles with overall height of 3 meters and more and gross weight of more than 3.5 tonnes Classe 3
Trucks and buses higher than 3 metres and gross weight of more than 3.5 tonnes Classe 4
Motorcycles, motorcycle with sidecar and tricycles Classe 5

Truck toll in France

For truck tolls in France (Télépéage Inter Sociétés - Poids Lourds) vehicles over 3.5 tonnes or a height over 3 metres (Class 3 & 4). You can conveniently pay your toll using on-board unit box OBU or pay using cash, credit card or fuel card.

France toll calculator truck

To calculate France truck toll rates and fuel costs for different payment methods using TollGuru France toll calculator.

How much are tolls in France

Toll calculation in France is complicated and varies depending on your

  • Vehicle weight
  • Height
  • Axles and
  • The motorway you are using.

France route planner with tolls

To plan your route in France and calculate France autoroute tolls, fuel price and to know how to avoid tolls in France you can use TollGuru France toll calculator and TollGuru France tollcalculator API.

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To get France toll information by toll pass click on the following

How to calculate tolls in Europe

You can calculate tolls - distance based toll, close and open system, vignette - and fuel cost by car, truck (with or without a trailer), taxi, bus, caravans using Europe Toll Calculator. You can see the cheapest, the fastest, and other optimal routes to your destination. You will see toll plaza(s) on your route, payment methods for each toll gate, discounts, etc. You can specify vehicle attributes - axles, weight, height, emission standards, etc. - to get toll information customized to your vehicle.

Ride share, OEM, and other businesses can leverage toll intelligence by integrating with the Toll API for pre-trip cost estimation and post-trip toll reconciliation in Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Australia.

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