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Brazil - the largest country of Latin America - also boasts one of the most extensive and expensive toll road networks in the continent. Rodovia Anchieta, Rodovia dos Imigrantes and Rodovia dos Cereais are among the costliest of toll roads in the country. Most of the tolls in Brazil are condensed near the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and are operated by Abertis and CCR Group.

Out of around 70 toll facilities, only one is a toll bridge: Rio–Niterói Bridge, and one is a toll tunnel along the Anhangüera road.

Use the Brazil Toll Calculator to calculate the tolls and fuel costs to travel across the entire country.

Brazil toll road concessionaries

For the purposes of efficient road maintenance and toll collection, most of the toll roads in Brazil are operated by private concessionaires. Two of the major concessionaires here are Abertis and CCR Group.

  • Abertis toll roads[1]: It is the largest toll road operator in Brazil. Through its subsidiary Arteris, it operates 7 toll road concessions. 2 of their concessions depend on the State of São Paulo while the other 5, on the Federal network.
  • CCR toll roads[2]: This group operates 11 toll road networks across Brazil along with Yellow and Lilac Lines of the São Paulo subway, VLT concessions in Rio de Janeiro city and more. Each of them is a concession owned by one of its 22 operating subsidiaries.

What is the cheapest route from São Paulo to Campinas

Considering both fuel and tolls, the cheapest route from São Paulo to Campinas by car is along BR-050. You’ll encounter two toll plazas (Campo Limpo and Valinhos) - costing R$ 21.10 in tolls. The total trip cost would come out around R$ 145 (where ~ R$ 125 is fuel cost). It is R$ 8 cheaper than the typical fastest route along SP-348 and just 3 minutes slower.

To calculate the cheapest, fastest and other optimal routes for your trip across Brazil, use Brazil Toll Calculator. It supports all vehicles (including trucks up to 7-axles), shows toll plazas on the map, details of toll tags and more.

Brazil toll road price

Toll rates in Brazil depend on the toll facility, vehicle type and payment method. It also depends on:

  • Road system: Parallel highways, both with double lane, construction site or central barrier
  • Road lanes: Double lane roads with central lane and single lane roads with one lane per direction

This implies that despite having multiple toll plazas on the same highway, it may not mean an increase in overall tolls - rather fractioning of the total toll for the length of the road.

The car toll price along a typical fast route between major Brazilian cities
Toll Road Toll Price for Tags Toll Price for Cash
São Paulo (SP) – Limeira (SP) R$ 30.40 R$ 30.40
São Paulo (SP) – Uberaba MG BR-050 (SP) R$ 99.16 R$ 100.40
Campinas (SP) – Jacareí (SP) R$ 36.30 R$ 36.30
Bauru (SP) – Itirapina (SP) R$ 25.64 R$ 25.64
Barretos (SP) – Bueno de Andrade (SP) R$ 96.60 R$ 97.40

You can use Brazil Toll Calculator to calculate tolls for travelling across entire Brazil for any vehicle.

How to pay toll in Brazil

Most of the Brazilian toll facilities have both electronic lanes and cash/card lanes. They accept the following three payment methods:
1. Toll tag
2. Cash
3. Credit / Debit card

Using a toll tag is preferred to pay tolls because they offer discounts and can also be used at several parking spots. The toll tags valid across Brazil are:
1. Sem Parar [3]
2. ConectCar [4]
3. C6 Taggy [5]
4. Move Mais [6]
5. Veloe [7]

However, keeping cash handy is always recommended as some of these electronic plazas may not be functioning properly.

Calculate tolls and fuel cost to travel across Brazil

Calculate routes, tolls and fuel costs for your travel by car, SUV, pick-up truck, truck, motorcycle and RV (with or without trailer) in Brazil and other Latin American countries using TollGuru Trip Calculator. It also shows the cheapest, fastest and other optimal routes to your destination along with toll plaza(s) location en route, payment methods and more.

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