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There are 18 toll highways in Peru that charge tolls. The highways include:

All the toll roads in Peru have electronic tolling systems and lanes for cash/card as well. Some toll booths accept e-Pass while others take EasyWay toll Tag.

The toll cost in Peru depends upon the vehicle category[5] and axle count.

Car toll price for major toll roads in Peru
Toll Road Toll Station Toll Price for Car (S /.)
Autopista Del Sol Chicama 8.60
Longitudinal de la Sierra Tramo 2 Menocucho 8.80
Nuevo Mocupe Loma Larga 2.60
Óvalo Chancay Huaytaya 2.40
Dv. Quilca – La Concordia Tomasiri 6.20
Empalme 1B Loma Larga 2.60
IIRSA Centro – Tramo 2 Corcona 6.40
IIRSA Norte Paita 6.90
IIRSA Sur – Tramo 1 San Juan de Marcona 3.90
Red Vial 4 Huarmey 8.10

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Toll Highway of Peru

The toll highways of Peru include IIRSA South, IIRSA North, IIRSA Central, various road networks and other toll roads.

Toll plazas of Peru for all highways and toll facilities including Lima Expressway, Provias Nacional and road networks of  Ositrán.
Toll plaza locations in Peru

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Autopista Del Sol IIRSA Sur Tramo – 2 Nuevo Mocupe
Dv. Quilca La Concordia IIRSA Sur Tramo – 3 Óvalo Chancay
Empalme 1B IIRSA Sur Tramo – 4 Provias Nacional
IIRSA Centro Tramo 2 IIRSA Sur Tramo – 5 Red Vial 4
IIRSA Norte Longitudinal de la Sierra Red Vial 5
IIRSA Sur Tramo - 1 Metropolitan Lima Red Vial 6

Tolls from Lima to other cities in Peru

Car toll price between Lima and major Peruvian cities along the fastest route
From To Tolls (S /.)
Lima Paracas 26.00
Lima Huarmey 30.20
Lima Ica 40.80
Lima Cusco 63.90
Lima Machu Picchu 63.90

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Central Highway Peru

The Carretera Central of Peru[6] or National Route 22 crosses through the central region of the country. It is a two-lane highway connecting the city of Lima with the department of Junin in Central Peru.

Pan American Highway Peru

The Pan-American Highway or Carretera Panamericana[7] is a network of roads stretching across North American countries and the Latin American countries. In Peru, Highway 1 is part of the Pan-American highway which crosses Pacasmayo, Pisco, Puerto De Lomas and meets Chile.

Interoceanic Highway Peru

The Interoceanic Highway or Trans-oceanic highway[8] is an international, transcontinental highway connecting Peru and Brazil. Starting from Peru's Pacific ocean coastline, it crosses the Andes mountains, the Amazon rainforest and then reaches Brazil.

The project is part of a national road that includes Peru’s longitudinal highways and 20 transversal highways.

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