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There are two toll bridges in Quebec: one along autoroute A-25 and another on A-30. The highway bridge A-25 is also known as "Olivier Charbonneau Bridge" while the one on A-30 is famous as "St. Lawrence bridge".

A25 Bridge or Olivier Charbonneau Bridge

The A25 Bridge[1], also known as “Olivier Charbonneau Bridge”, is a toll bridge over the Rivière des Prairies, between Laval’s Duvernay district and Montreal’s Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles borough.

The bridge uses an electronic toll system that allows vehicles to cross the bridge without having to stop at a traditional toll booth. Users can activate an A25 client account and install an A25 transponder on their vehicle’s windshield. Crossing the bridge without a transponder triggers the system to automatically take a picture of the vehicle’s license plate and send an invoice by mail. Users must settle the bridge-crossing toll and the applicable administration fees in the prescribed time, otherwise additional collection charges may be added to the toll.

The fee schedule varies on the vehicle’s size (over or under 230 cm in length), the crossing time of day and the traffic when over a certain threshold. Pedestrians, cyclists and, electric vehicles can cross the bridge for free.

A30 Bridge or St. Lawrence Bridge

The A30 Express Bridge[2], also known as “St. Lawrence bridge”, is a toll bridge over the St. Lawrence river. The toll bridge is a section of Highway 30 between Châteauguay and Vaudreuil-Doriona.

Tolls on this toll bridge can be paid with the A30 Express Transponder. All electric vehicles equipped with an A30 Express transponder are not subjected to toll fees.

Toll rates for Quebec toll bridges

Toll rates on both of the Quebec toll bridges depend upon the vehicle category which is defined by their height. The tolls for trucks also factors in the number of axles.

Refer to the toll rates of Quebec to see exact toll rates or fee for vehicles of all categories and those exempted from it.

You can calculate tolls for driving through both the toll bridges of Quebec and other tolled facilities of Canada using the Quebec Toll Calculator. The calculator also shows the toll plaza(s) locations en route, payment methods, discounts applied for your vehicle type and more.

How are truck tolls calculated in Quebec

For trucks, toll charges on both the toll bridges of Quebec are calculated based on the number of axles. The trucks here fall under the Category 2 vehicle. While crossing the A25 Bridge, toll rates vary depending on whether truck has an A25 registered user account or not, using A25 transponder or not, and travelling during peak or off-peak hours. On the other hand, for trucks on A30 Express bridge, a fixed toll rate is $2.05/axle is charged.

Calculate truck tolls to cross these toll bridges and other tolled facilities of Canada using Truck Toll Calculator.

How to pay toll on Quebec toll bridges

There are different payment options for paying tolls on the A25 bridge and A30 Express bridge. Both have their customer accounts enabling fast online toll payment on the go. Some lane on A30 Express bridge accepts cash payment. Also, video toll payment for post-pay is available at higher rates.

Refer to the methods to pay toll on Quebec bridges to learn about various payment accounts and passes applicable on Quebec bridges.

What is A25 transponder

The A25 transponder[3] is an electronic device that, when attached to the vehicle, allows the electronic collection of tolls to cross the A25 bridge without having to stop at a toll booth.

Learn about A25 transponder's benefits, how to get it and more.

What is A30 Express transponder

The A30 Express[4], a transponder (tag), is an automatic toll collection system linked to a user’s A30 EXPRESS account. Once installed and activated, the transponder will allow users to drive through the toll booth on A30 express bridge without stopping.

Learn about A30 Express transponder's benefits, how to get it and more.

Quebec tolling agencies and contacts

The A25 Bridge is maintained and operated by Concession A25 SEC[5], the private partner of the Ministry of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification (MTMDET). It coordinates the build and maintenance of A25 as well as the establishment and operation of the electronic toll system.

The A30 St. Lawrence Bridge is operated by Nouvelle Autoroute 30, also known as A30EXPRESS[6]. A30EXPRESS is the private partner currently in charge of Highway 30 between Châteauguay and Vaudreuil-Dorion.

For any questions about toll rates, payment methods or toll bill, please get in touch with the respective agency.

Calculate tolls for Quebec and other provinces or territories of Canada

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