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What is PikePass

PikePass is accepted in Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma along with TxTag, Toll Tag, K Tag, and EZ Tag

PikePass or PPass is tag you install in your vehicle to pay tolls. It works like an E-ZPass tag on the east coast, that can be mounted to the interior windshield of the vehicle. With this installed, you need not stop to pay tolls on Oklahoma Tunrpike; it'll automatically deduct the relevant charges from the linked account when you cross the electronic toll plaza.

The PikePass is cheaper: average 5% less than cash rate tolls.

Types of PikePass accounts

Commuter Account

A commuter account is used for personal commute and travel and up to 15 PikePass tags can be utilised from the account. A $40 prepaid licence and toll fee is required to open the PikePass account for up to 5 tags. Additional tags require payment of additional $40 per 5 tags.

Commercial Account

The Commercial account is best suitable for company and commercial travel. A $80 prepaid licence and toll fee is required to open the PikePass account for up to 5 tags. Additional tags require payment of additional $80 per 5 tags.

Government Account

Government account is best suited for City, County, State and Federal Agencies/Entities. To create the account calling the PikePass customer service center for assistance at 1-800-PIKEPASS / 1-800-745-3727 is recommended.

How do I get a PikePass

There are three ways of getting a PikePass- 

  1. Calling at 1-800-745-3727 to the Customer Service Center
  2. In person from the full service stores in Oklahoma City or Tulsa or from the Limited Service Facility partners around the state. Find the nearest PikePass stores and agents here
  3. Set up an online account through PikePass website. 

How do I open a PikePass account

To open a PikePass account you need to visit the PikePass website. You can only open a personal or commuter account online.

To open an account a minimum prepaid license and toll fee of $40.00 is required allowing the customers with 5 passes. For additional passes an additional $40.00 will be charged per 5 passes. 

The following documents are required to open a PikePass account- 

  1. Driver’s License
  2. Initial Payment must be paid by Credit / Debit card
  3. License Plate or VIN Number, State, Year, Make & Model for each vehicle

For a user already having a PikePass or transponder from Kansas Turnpike Authority or North Texas Toll Authority, you can call PikePass at [1].

To open a commercial or government account you can call at Pikepass customer service center phone number at [2]

Where can I use PikePass transponder 

PikePass can be used in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. It is interoperable with TxTag, TollTag, EZ Tag and K-Tag

You can use PikePass at the following toll agencies- 

  • North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) [1] 
  • Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) [2] 
  • Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority (FBCTRA) [3] 
  • Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) [4] 
  • North East Texas Regional Mobile Authority (NETRMA) [5] 
  • Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) [6] 
  • Texas Department of Transportation [7] 

Can I use PikePass in more than one vehicle

PikePass stickers cannot be used in more than one vehicle. However, you may choose a PikePass portable at an additional cost of $25 and it can be moved between vehicles of the same class that are listed in the linked account.

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