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Kansas turnpike accepts various toll tags and cash as well for toll payment. Toll tags offer discounts making it the preferable toll payment method while driving on the Kansas turnpike.

Although, video tolling does not exist here, but video enforcement is in effect.

Toll tags accepted in Kansas

The following toll tags are valid throughout the Kansas turnpike. These are inter-operable as well.

  • K-Tag: It can be used on the Kansas Turnpike and any authorized toll roads in Oklahoma and Texas. It is the most preferred toll tag in Kansas.
  • NationalPass: It considers travelers as local customers of all authorized toll roads.
  • PikePass: Primarily used in Oklahoma, it offer an average 5% less than cash rate tolls.
  • TollTag: Issued by The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA)[1]
  • TxTag: This toll tag is issued by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)[2]
  • EZ TAG: It is primarily used by the tolling agencies of Houston, Texas[3]

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