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How to pay missed toll in Oregon

Both the bridges in Oregon – the Hood River bridge and the Bridge of Gods accept both cash/ credit and BreezeBy pass. If you use BreezeBy lane and do not have a valid tag transponder (BreezeBy account has a negative balance or the License Plate on the vehicle is not yet registered to your BreezeBy account), you have to pay the unpaid tolls.

If you are BeerzeBy user, you can avoid the late payment by paying here[1] within 7 days of toll violation. Just enter your License Plate number twice, the State from which it was issued, and select the appropriate vehicle classification from the dropdown list below. Then click “Pay Toll(s) before Invoice”.

If you receive an Unpaid Toll Invoice from BreezeBy, you can log into the BreezeBy account[2] and make payment. $3.00 administrative fee will be waived when you make a payment within 30 days of the invoice date.

If you receive an Unpaid Toll Invoice do not already have a BreezeBy account and are not interested in opening a new account please enter your Invoice number and License Plate number here[3]to pay missed toll for the Hood River bridge or the Bridge of Gods.

To dispute an Unpaid Tolls Invoice, please complete the Toll Dispute form on the reverse side of the Invoice, sign, and mail in the dispute to the address indicated. Visit here[4] for more information.

Also check out our Oregon toll calculator to calculate the tolls and gas cost of your trip for your car, truck, bus, RV, Motorcycle and trailers in Oregon and nearby states.

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