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M50 toll

The M50 toll motorway[1] in Dublin is the busiest motorway in Ireland. It begins at Dublin Port, running northward through the Dublin Port Tunnel and along a portion of the Airport Motorway. M50 toll motorway then turns west at its junction with the M1, circling the northern, western and southern suburbs of Dublin. Later the M50 toll motorway merges with the M11 at Shankill in South East Dublin. The road forms part of European route E01.

The M50 toll tolling system is a barrier-free type toll system that is to be paid by 8pm the following day. The toll is located between Junction 6 and Junction 7 on the M50 and is clearly marked with purple ‘Toll’ signs overhead. All vehicles using the section of the M50 between Junction 6 (N3 Blanchardstown) and Junction 7 (N4 Lucan) are liable to pay a toll. 

The M50 Toll Toll Calculator calculates toll and tolls for all other toll motorways, roads, bridges and tunnels in Ireland for cars, trucks, trailers, caravans, motorhomes and motorcycles for peak and off-peak hours.

M50 toll price

M50 toll price varies according to the vehicle type and the applicable type of account you have.

Vehicle CategoryTag AccountVideo AccountUnregistered Vehicles
Cars and public service vehicles€2.10€2.60€3.10
Goods vehicles (Weight not exceeding 2,000kg), buses or coaches (having more than 8 seats)€2.90€3.50€4.00
Goods vehicles (Weight between 2,000kg – 10000 kg)€4.30€4.80€5.30
Goods vehicles with an unladen weight exceeding 10,000kg€5.30€5.90€6.40

For more information on M50 toll prices visit here.[2]

How to pay M50 toll

There is no cash payment facility available at the tolling point on the M50. The eFlow Barrier-Free toll system between Junction 6 and Junction 7 records trips by photographing a vehicle’s license plate number. Drivers without an electronic toll tag or video account must pay for their journey prior to 8 pm the following day to avoid late payment penalties. Payment options include:

Eflow account

You can choose between Eflow tag and the video account based upon how frequently you travel on Irish toll roads-

Eflow tag 

Eflow tag account is best suited for frequent travelers. With the Eflow[3] tag, you save €1.00 for every M50 toll and without any next-day 8 pm payment deadline. It allows you to save extra for electric vehicles as well. The motorist can choose from prepaid and postpaid payment methods. 

Other M50 toll tags

  • Direct Route tag
  • Easytrip toll tag
  • TollTag

M50 Video Account 

M50 video account is best suited for frequent travellers on M50 toll. With the M50 video account, you save €0.50 for every M50 toll and without any next-day 8 pm payment deadline. It allows you to save extra for electric vehicles as well. The motorist can choose from prepaid and postpaid payment methods. 

M50 Quick Pay app

The M50 Quick Pay app from eFlow allows you to set reminders for payment, prepay or postpay your tolls as you go in easy steps. You can get more information about the M50 quick pay app here[4]

M50 toll payment without account 

If you choose not to sign-up for any account, then you will have to pay for your tolls manually. These payments are to be made before 8pm the day after you travel, otherwise a late payment penalty will be incurred. This can be done online at the Eflow website here[5] or at any Payzone[6] retail outlet across Ireland. 

Who is exempt from paying the M50 toll

Some vehicles are exempted from paying M50 toll. If you have one of the below listed vehicles and it is registered in the Republic of Ireland, eFlow will automatically recognise and confirm your exemption and you will not be charged.

  • Vehicles modified for disabled use
  • Motorcycles
  • Fingal County Council vehicles
  • Army vehicles
  • Vehicles performing maintenance on the M50
  • Garda and ambulance service vehicles

M50 toll penalty payment

If you haven’t paid for your journey(s) through the M50 toll before 8pm the day after you have travelled, then you have missed the payment deadline. A penalty letter will be issued by eFlow to the registered vehicle owner’s address shortly. Once the penalty letter arrives, you have 14 days from the date of issue to pay the full amount due. If you don’t pay the full balance within the 14 days, further fines are applied.

How much is M50 toll penalty

If you miss the eFlow M50 toll payment deadline, you’ll receive a ‘First Penalty Notice’ (STR). Your STR is a bill from eFlow for the cost of the toll and a €3.00 penalty for having missed the payment deadline. If you do not pay during the 14 day period, a further charge of €41.50 is applied in addition to the previous penalty charged. 

How to pay M50 toll penalty

To pay M50 toll penalty you need to have the reference number with you for the journey. You can get it through the penalty notice sent to you. To pay the M50 toll penalty you will have to visit the eFlow website[7] and select ‘Pay a Penalty’[8]. You can also bring your penalty letter to any Payzone[9] retail outlet and pay the outstanding balance there.

Ireland toll tags info

main article: Toll Tags in Ireland

Toll tags allow you to travel on all lanes equipped with an electronic tolling system. Motorists having toll tags can pay for all toll roads in Ireland including M50, N6, M1, M3, M4 toll without stopping. There are various toll tags in Ireland providing different benefits to the travelers- 

  • Direct Route tag
  • Easytrip
  • eFlow toll tag 
  • TollTag
  • Pay As You Toll
  • Pay As You Toll+
  • Toll Tag Lease
  • Toll Tag Fleet

To learn more about these toll tags refer to toll tags in Ireland page.

M50 motorway tolling agency

The M50 is public infrastructure owned by the Irish government and administered by Transport Infrastructure Ireland[10] (TII). eFlow[11]is the operator of the barrier-free tolling system on Dublin’s M50 motorway and a provider of electronic tags for use on all toll roads in the Republic of Ireland. For M50 toll payments or any other toll related queries please contact customer service at eFlow website contact us page[12]

Calculate tolls for M50 Motorway and other states in Ireland

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