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Cartford toll bridge

Cartford Bridge[1]is a toll bridge on the A21 motorway that runs over the River Wyre into Northern Lancashire, situated nearby Great Eccleston. 

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Cartford Bridge toll charges

The Cartford Toll Bridge charges for cars and vans are depending on the type and size of the vehicle. To know the toll charges for the Cartford Bridge please refer to the table below- 

Vehicle CategoryToll charges
Cars and Caravans50 p
LGV70 p
Buses70 p
Motorcycles20 p

Use the UK Toll Calculator to calculate tolls and fuel costs for all trips on this route.

Cartford Bridge tolling agency

Cartford Lane Bridge is managed by the Government of the UK. For any toll-related queries, you can contact through website[2]

TollGuru Trip Calculator for United Kingdom

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