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Oklahoma turnpike tolls

2-axle vehicle tolls for the entire distance on the Oklahoma turnpikes:

TurnpikeFromToPikePassCashLicense-plate video
Cherokee TurnpikeUS 69Flint Bridge/State Line$2.80$3.25Not allowed
Chickasaw TurnpikeUS 177-SulphurRoff ML$0.65$0.85Not allowed
Cimarron TurnpikeI-35US 64/SH 48-Tulsa$3.30$4.25Not allowed
Creek TurnpikeTurner Turnpike412-Admiral Bridge$3.00$3.75Not allowed
HE Bailey TurnpikeSH 9 US 62/277Texas State Line$5.10$6.95Not allowed
Indian Nation TurnpikeI 40-HenryettaHugo$6.20$7.75Not allowed
Kilpatrick TurnpikeI-35I 40-SW 15th$2.55$3.00Not allowed
Muskogee TurnpikeTulsa/Creek TPKI 40$3.30$4.00Not allowed
Turner TurnpikeOklahoma CityTulsa$4.50$5.00Not allowed
Will Rogers TurnpikeTulsaMissouri State Line$4.50$5.00Not allowed
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