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Romania[1] is a country in Central and Eastern Europe. In Romania, The motorway stamp is required on all Romania highways as well all state roads except those in the municipalities. In addition to vignettes, you will need to pay tolls for certain bridges and ferries.

How do you pay for toll roads in Romania

On all national roads, highways, and motorways in Romania, vignettes[2] are required for all motor vehicles. Motorcycles are exempted from paying tolls on toll roads. The Vidin, Cernavodă, and Giurgeni Bridges have separate charges (section tolls) which are not covered by the e-vignette and there are physical toll gates on which you have to pay tolls in cash. You can use TollGuru Toll Calculator for Romania to calculate toll rates.

Romania Truck Toll

You need to buy a vignette[2] for your truck to pay on Romanian highways or motorways.

Vignette Rates in Romania 2021

Vignette rates in Romania 2021
Validity Cars Vehicle upto 3.5 tonnes
7 days RON14.62 RON29.51
1 month RON34.11 RON78.70
3 months RON63.34 RON177.08
1 year RON136.43 RON472.22

If you are confused about your vehicle type in Romania use TollGuru toll calculator to calculate toll and fuel cost for your vehicle type in Romania.

Where can I buy a vignette in Romania

You can buy Vignette

  • online at Roviniete[3] ,DKV Card[4], TollTickets[5]
  • at a toll station

Toll Rates of Romania Bridges and Ferries in 2021

Bridges Rates in Romania
Bridge/ferries Car
Giurgiu - Rousse bridge RON14.00
Giurgeni - Vadul Oii bridge RON11.00
Calafat - Vidin Bridge (Goods Transport) RON27.00
Fetesti - Cernavoda bridge RON13.00

Do I need a vignette for Romania

Yes, Vignettes are mandatory on all highways and motorways in Romania for all vehicles except motorcycles.

How to calculate tolls in Europe

You can calculate tolls - distance based toll, close and open system, vignette - and fuel cost by car, truck (with or without a trailer), taxi, bus, caravans using Europe Toll Calculator. You can see the cheapest, the fastest, and other optimal routes to your destination. You will see toll plaza(s) on your route, payment methods for each toll gate, discounts, etc. You can specify vehicle attributes - axles, weight, height, emission standards, etc. - to get toll information customized to your vehicle.

Ride share, OEM, and other businesses can leverage toll intelligence by integrating with the Toll API for pre-trip cost estimation and post-trip toll reconciliation in Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Australia.

Which European countries have motorway tolls

Use Europe Toll Guide to know more about European Tolling Systems

You can click on a country name to know toll information - toll payments, toll gates, toll prices - for the country.

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