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The EASYToll system in Portugal is a fully electronic toll payment system that associates your license (registration) plate with your bank card to deduct toll charges automatically. Portugal has mainly two types of toll roads:

  • Traditional toll system.
  • Electronic toll system which deducts toll using license plate.

How do you pay for tolls in Portugal

You can pay toll charges using cash or credit card for the traditional toll system in Portugal. For paying at the electronic toll system in Portugal automatically, you need to have one of

  • EASYToll tag transponder
  • Via Verde on-board unit
  • Prepaid toll card (€5, €10, €20, €40)
  • Unlimited 3 day toll service card.

Do I need a vignette for Portugal

No, you do not need a vignette in Portugal. You can buy an unlimited 3-day toll service card for paying at electronic toll roads in Portugal.

Portugal toll transponders

Portugal toll tag transponders (toll cards) allow you to pay tolls electronically. You can buy

  • EASYToll tag transponder
  • Via Verde on-board unit

EASYToll can be purchased from the following locations in Portugal

  • A28 - Viana do Castelo Service Area
  • A24 - at 3,5km from Chaves / Veribn border
  • A25 – Alto de Leomil Service Area
  • A22 – next to Castro Marim/Ayamonte border

Portugal toll rental car

For hired or rental cars in Portugal, the easiest way to pay tolls is using either EASYToll tag transponder which will get associated with your credit card and let you pay via license plate. You can also go with a prepaid Toll Card and activate them via SMS.

How much are tolls in Portugal

Portugal toll calculator

Toll charges in Portugal depend on the toll road used and the class of the vehicle. To accurately calculate Portugal tolls and for other Portugal motorways use TollGuru toll calculator.

Portugal toll card and tolls CTT

Portugal Toll Card is a prepaid toll card . It is available at 4 price points :

  • €5
  • €10
  • €20
  • €40

You can buy Portugal prepaid toll cards at CTT stores (Portuguese post-offices), service areas or at Portugal toll card points. They get associated with your license plate and help you pay tolls in Portugal. They are activated via SMS.

What toll price category does my vehicle belong to

Toll price vehicle category in Portugal 2021
Number of axles Height (above first axle) in metre Class
2 or more <1,10 1
2 >=1,10 2
3 >=1,10 3
4 or more >=1,10 4

What happens if you don't pay toll roads

Not paying tolls in Portugal is finable for all. You have to pay 10 times the tolls (€25 minimum). Foreign vehicles must have a transponder or tickets (receipts) of toll payment.

Portugal toll pass

How to calculate tolls in Europe

You can calculate tolls - distance based toll, close and open system, vignette - and fuel cost by car, truck (with or without a trailer), taxi, bus, caravans using Europe Toll Calculator. You can see the cheapest, the fastest, and other optimal routes to your destination. You will see toll plaza(s) on your route, payment methods for each toll gate, discounts, etc. You can specify vehicle attributes - axles, weight, height, emission standards, etc. - to get toll information customized to your vehicle.

Ride share, OEM, and other businesses can leverage toll intelligence by integrating with the Toll API for pre-trip cost estimation and post-trip toll reconciliation in Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Australia.

Which European countries have motorway tolls

Use Europe Toll Guide to know more about European Tolling Systems

You can click on a country name to know toll information - toll payments, toll gates, toll prices - for the country.

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