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There are different payment options for paying tolls on the A25 bridge and A30 Express bridge of Quebec. Both have their customer accounts enabling fast online toll payment on the go. Some lane on A30 Express bridge accepts cash payment. Also, video toll payment for post-pay is available at higher rates.

Toll payment for A25 Bridge or Olivier Charbonneau Bridge

Travellers can choose to pass through the bridge having a customer account registered with A25 or without a registered account.

Passage with customer account

Users can create a registered account with A25 by applying online for the account[1].An initial deposit of $ 50.00 per vehicle is required at the opening of the client account. The amounts billed for the passages will be deducted from this deposit. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that his / her account has an adequate positive balance. When the balance is insufficient to ensure full payment of a toll or other charges incurred, user’s account is considered a customer account that is not in good standing. Then user receives an invoice claiming the toll and related administration fees according to the current fee schedule. Users can avoid having to replenish their account manually by subscribing to A25’s automatic replenishment service.

  • Account with A25 transponder – This is the most advantageous option. The passage of user’s vehicle equipped with a A25 transponder will be automatically recognized when passing on the bridge. The cost of the toll and the monthly administration fee are charged to the balance of user’s prepaid customer account.
  • Account without A25 transponder – User can choose the option without transponder. The passage of user’s vehicle will be identified by the technology of photo-recognition of the license plate. The cost of the toll and administration fees per pass are debited from the balance of user’s client account

Passage without customer account

  • Pay an invoice – The passage of vehicle without a customer account will be identified by the technology of photo-recognition of the license plate. Passage bill includes the cost of tolls and administration fees for each pass. An invoice for each pass is produced and posted to user for payment.

Note: The toll rates for a particular vehicle category are least when using option ‘Account with A25 transponder’, little higher for option ‘Account without A25 transponder’. Travellers pay highest toll charges using ‘Passage without customer account’ toll payment option. Therefore using a A25 transponder with a registered account is the most advantageous option if you travel through the bridge frequently. But keep in mind that an initial deposit of $ 50.00 per vehicle is required at the opening of the client account. Therefore this option might not be the best one if you plan to travel only few times.

Toll payment for A30 Express bridge or St. Lawrence Bridge

A30 EXPRESS accepts different payment methods for drive through the toll booth.

  • A30 EXPRESS transponder – User needs to create an A30 EXPRESS account[2] to receive the A30 Express transponder. Once installed and activated, the transponder allows users to drive through the tollbooth safely without stopping. The transponder gives user access to a reserved lane. The other lanes also accept the transponder, although they are not exclusively for it. This seems to be the easiest and most practical way to save time while crossing the toll booth.
  • Credit card – If you do not have a transponder, the best option is to use a credit card. Credit cards are accepted in all open lanes, except for the lane reserved exclusively for transponder users. User would need to stop at the tollboth to pay toll in by credit card.A30 EXPRESS accepts VISA, MasterCard & American Express cards.
  • Cash – A limited number of lanes allow users to pay in cash. Only Canadian currency is accepted. User would need to stop at the tollboth to pay toll in cash.

Calculate tolls for Quebec and other provinces or territories of Canada

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