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How to pay missed toll in Alabama

When your account is low on funds, you will receive an email notification or you can choose to have funds automatically transferred from the account. Invoices are sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. The incurring license plate transactions may include additional administration fees. Follow the instructions to pay the tolls on time. You may log into the bridge’s account with your registered email id for each bridge and view your unpaid tolls or other violation charges for Alabama:

  • Montgomery Expressway[1]
  • Tuscaloosa Eastern Bypass[2]
  • Emerald Mountain Expressway[3]
  • Foley Beach Express[4]

As per Alabama tolls policy, tolls and fees left unpaid after license plate invoicing may result in the suspension of the vehicle’s registration. 

You can calculate tolls and fuel cost to travel across Alabama and other regions in North America using TollGuru Alabama toll calculator.

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