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What is NexPress® tag Nexus tag

Nexpress is accepted on Detroit-Windsor tunnel that connects Michigan and Ontario

The NexPress® and Nexus tags are prepaid tags that you can install in your vehicle to pay tolls. The NexPress prepaid account allows users to cross the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel without any hassles. It provides with a drive through lane for hassle free travel on the toll road

How does a NexPress work

With NexPress you get an electronic card which provides discount to the normal toll. This card is different from the otherwise used transponders and is read without having to be inserted or swiped in a device. When traveling through the toll road, you will need to hold it near an electronic reader and the toll gate will be raised once it reads the card.

Where can I use a NexPress card

A NexPress® card is for those who want to pay the toll at the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel and it is only accepted at the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.

Do I need a Nexus card to use a NexPress

No, you do not need to have a Nexus card to use Nexpress toll.

How do I get a NexPress tag

You can get a NexPress tag by

  • Create a NexPress online account[1]
  • Load your account with a $100 deposit
  • Your Nexpress Windshield Tag will be mailed to you within ten business days

Calculate tolls for Michigan and other states in the US

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