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EZ TAG is a tag transponder issued by HCTRA[1]. It was started especially for Houston toll roads, but since 2003, it can be used across all the toll facilities of Texas.

Calculate toll cost to travel across Texas with EZ TAG installed in your vehicle using out EZ TAG Toll Calculator.

Where can I use the EZ Tag

EZ Tag is accepted in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma along with TxTag, PikePass, TollTag, and K-Tag

EZ Tag is accepted in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma and is interoperable with TollTag, TxTag, K-TAG and PikePass

EZ TAG Account Types

There are three types of EZ TAG accounts: 

  • EZ TAG- The EZ Tag account comes with $20 prefunded tolls and tags at no cost. It works all across Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. It is perfect for regular and occasional toll road users. You can set the EZ TAG payment for auto-charge using credit cards or bank account. You can also add multiple active vehicles to the account. 
  • EZ TAG Express- The EZ TAG Express account comes with $20 prefunded tolls and can be used across Texas toll roads. You can only have one active vehicle in one account and it can be auto-charged using a credit card. To use this account you do not need a tag/transponder on the vehicle and a cash/non-tag toll rate will be charged to the motorist. 
  • Bancpass- The Bancpass accounts comes with $15 prefunded tolls and tags at additional $25. It can be used throughout Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma and perfect for regular and occasional toll road users. You can add multiple active vehicles to your account. 

How to open an EZ TAG Account

Online- You can open an EZ TAG account online[2] through the Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) website. The EZ TAG later is then mailed to you or can be picked up at a nearby EZ TAG store. 

In Person- You may also open an account at an EZ TAG store to receive EZ TAG instantly. You can find a nearby EZ TAG store here[3].

How much does an EZ TAG cost

You open an EZ TAG account with the required prepaid toll deposit and it comes with no additional cost for up to 8 tags per account with $2 activation fee for additional tags. The pre-paid toll deposits are as follows: 

Number of VehiclesPre-Paid Deposits
7-8 $80 

EZ TAG Invoice

If you have an EZ TAG and still received a toll invoice, it's because your tag either didn't work or it's out of balance. You can login to your EZ TAG account[4] to pay toll violation online[5].

Can I use my EZ TAG in more than one vehicle

No, it is not recommended to transfer tags as mounting the same EZ TAG on different vehicles can damage the chip inside.  

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