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There are around 150 toll roads in Colombia which include both main national and departmental roads. Tolls are charged on the basis of vehicle category[1]. The Oriente Tunnel, Antioquia has the most expensive tolls in Colombia[2] - 18,800 pesos.

Toll for major toll plazas in Colombia
Region Toll Plaza Name/Location Toll Rate (COP)
Antioquia (Guarne) Copacabana 12,600
Antioquia Puerto Triunfo 12,800
Bolívar Bayunca 8,400
Caldas Acapulco 12,000
Cundinamarca Boquerón I and II 13,200
Quindío  Circasia 14,500
Risaralda Cerritos 2 12,700
Risaralda Tarapacá I and II 12,100
Tolima Alvarado 11,300
Valle del Cauca Betania 9,500

You can calculate tolls to travel across any of the departments of Colombia using the Colombia Toll Calculator.

How many tolls does Colombia have

There are around 170 toll booths distributed among the country's 32 departments and one Capital District: Bogotá. Several of these booths here are managed by private concessions while some are administered by the Instituto Nacional de Vías, Invías.

Toll plazas of Colombia on national and departmental roads including Oriente Tunnel, Pipiral toll, Circasia toll and those connecting Bogotá to other cities.
Toll plaza locations in Colombia

Click on the Colombian Department’s name to learn about its highways, tolls and more.

Tolls from Bogotá to other cities in Colombia

Bogotá, despite being the capital of Colombia, does not have any toll plazas lying within its region. The tolls depend upon the route and vehicle type.

Tolls between Bogotá and other Colombian cities along a typical fast route
From To COP
Bogotá Cartagena 128,000
Bogotá Fusagasugá 10,700
Bogotá Medellín 57,700
Bogotá Mondoñedo 8,000
Bogotá Santa Marta 109,900
Bogotá Villavicencio 38,700

You can use TollGuru Toll Calculator to calculate tolls and fuel cost to travel between any two cities of Colombia.

Electronic tolls in Colombia

Some toll plazas accept electronic tolls in Colombia. The TAGs or Telepeaje accepted are:

This TAG can be mounted in your vehicle which allows automatic payment of tolls via the linked account every time you cross an electronic gantry. While concessionaires install the toll gantries, highway authority INVIAS[3] distributes the TAGs.

FlyPass tolls in Colombia

FlyPass is one of the TAGs to pay tolls in Colombia via electronic methods. You can link your TAG with your savings account, checking account, or credit card to pay tolls.

Refer to the FlyPass page to learn about its benefits, where it's accepted and more.

Calculate tolls and fuel cost to travel across Colombia

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