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FasTrak is an electronic toll tag that works throughout the California toll facilities. Just stick the device on your windshield and zoom through any of the toll roads, toll bridges, express lanes, or park at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) parking garages. It will automatically deduct the toll from the linked account. You also get access to dedicated toll lanes and toll discounts for carpools, CAVs and EVs.

As a toll penalty can be multiple times the actual toll cost in California, it is worth it to get a FasTrak to drive around here.

FasTrak is accepted in California as three accounts type FasTrak Prepaid, FasTrak Charge and FasTrak Invoice

Use FasTrak Toll Calculator to calculate tolls for travelling across California with a FasTrak.

What are the different types of FasTrak accounts

There are three types of the FasTrak accounts[1]:

FasTrak Prepaid- The FasTrak prepaid account accepts prepaid toll payment and allows for discounted toll rates for motorists. You can make payments via credit card, cash or check. It is accepted on every California toll bridge, roads and express lanes. You can set the account for free. 

FasTrak Charge- FasTrak Charge allows payment for individually charged tolls and is free to set up. You can make payments via credit card, cash or check. This, too, is valid across all the California toll facilities. FasTrak Charge does not include discounted toll fee features.

FasTrak Invoice - If you cross a FasTrak toll without a valid FasTrak transponder, you will receive a toll violation notice from FasTrak called FasTrak Invoice. The invoice fee is $2. You can pay it online, over the phone, by mail, or by using a Cash Payment Location[2].

How do I get FasTrak in California

FasTrak accounts can be created online or by sending in an application through US mail. FasTrak will be then mailed to the applicant - ready to use.  

Alternatively, a FasTrak account can be picked up at a convenient FasTrak retail location. It can be activated by finishing the account enrollment process online or over phone 877-BAY-TOLL (877-229-8655) with FasTrak customer service. Follow the same procedure for setting up a commercial FasTrak account.

Where is FasTrak accepted in California

FasTrak is accepted across all the toll roads, bridges and express lanes with electronic toll gantries across California.

On California toll roads

  • S Bay Expressway (SR 125)
  • Eastern Toll Roads (SR 133)
  • Foothill Toll Road (SR-241)
  • Eastern Toll Roads (SRs 241/261)
  • San Joaquin Hills Toll Road (SR 73)

On California bridges

  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Antioch Bridge (John A. Nedjedly)
  • Carquinez Bridge (2 Bridges)
  • Dumbarton Bridge
  • San Mateo-Hayward Bridge
  • Richmond-San Rafael Bridge
  • Martinez-Benicia Bridge
  • San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge

On California express lanes

  • I-10 (El Monte Busway)
  • I-110 (Harbor Transitway)
  • SR 91 (Express Lanes)

What are the charges for opening a FasTrak account

There are no charges to open and maintain a FasTrak account[3]. You can link a credit card to your account or open it with cash or check payment which requires to deposit and initial prepaid balance.

Open FasTrak with a credit card

A prepaid balance of $25 per tag is required. Your account will auto-replenish as needed. This method waives security deposits for up to 3 toll tags; for more, a $20 refundable amount is taken.

Open FasTrak with cash or check

In this case, a prepaid balance of $50 per toll tag is required. One also needs to deposit a $20/tag amount as security. The user is responsible for maintaining the balance.

There are no FasTrak monthly charges. The FasTrak charges depend on your crossing of their toll plazas.

What is a FasTrak Flex toll tag

FasTrak Flex is a type of FasTrak toll tag that enables discounts for carpool, motorcycles, and CAV on the following California express lanes:

  • 91 express
  • I-580
  • I-880
  • I-680 Contra Costa
  • SR-237

It is also valid for all other FasTrak toll facilities.

FasTrak Flex comes with a switch to indicate whether you are driving alone or as a carpool (with 2 or more passengers).

FasTrak Flex Toll Tag comes with a switch to indicate whether you are driving alone or as a carpool on California express lanes and offers relevant discounts
FasTrak Flex toll tag device

Do I need both FasTrak and FasTrak Flex

No, depending on whether you use express lanes or not, you need either a standard FasTrak or a FasTrak Flex. The Flex tag offers discounts on express lanes listed above but a standard one does not. However, both can be used on all the toll facilities of California.

How do I change from FasTrak to FasTrak Flex

You can do it online by logging into your FasTrak account. Select Vehicles & Tags then click on ‘Order A Toll Tag’. You can request more than one of these.

To adjust your security deposit with the balance in your existing FasTrak toll tag, you’ll have to mail it to the FasTrak Customer Service Center. Call 877-BAYTOLL (877-229-8655) for more information.

What is a FasTrak CAV toll tag

The FasTrak Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) Tag is issued to clean air vehicles only. The tag can be used at any FasTrak toll on any California toll bridge, lane or roads. 

You can order the FasTrak CAV toll tag online with a valid DMV-issued clean air decal certificate. 

A FasTrak CAV toll tag allows you to drive toll free or at a discounted rate on California toll roads, bridges and express lanes in the HOV/carpool lane on state-owned bridges and carpool lanes. However, its benefit does not apply on the Golden Gate Bridge.   Vehicles with orange, purple or red decals are eligible for discounted and toll-free travel. 

Order a FasTrak CAV toll tag from the FasTrak website[4]. If you are not a FasTrak user, you must sign up for it first[5].

How do I replace a FasTrak transponder

To replace an old or damaged FasTrak transponder[6] with a new one, call their Customer Service Center at 1-877-BAY-TOLL (1-877-229-8655). They will mail a new toll tag to you with a pre-paid envelope to return your old one.

The charges involved depend on your existing toll tag balance and the condition of your old toll tag.

What are various electronic toll payment services for rental cars

Pass24, eToll, TollPass and PlatePass are electronic toll payment services for rental cars in California. They allow you to use FasTrak lanes on Bay Area toll bridges. Alternatively, you can apply for One-time Payment with FasTrak[7]. It can be used to pay tolls for 30 days in advance or 48 hours after the trip.

To learn about the rental car agencies participating in Pass24[8] visit their website or call at 877-509-9506. Get more details of eToll or TollPass[9] from their websites or by calling at 800-482-0159. Visit PlatePass[10] website or call at 877-411-4300 for PlatePass details. 

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