Why is a toll for a route shown as 🚫

Last updated on Apr 15, 2024 Β· 2 minutes

🚫 indicates that you cannot use the particular method of payment on some or all the toll collection locations throughout your route.

  • If “Tag” toll is 🚫, you cannot use Tag (E-ZPass, SunPass, TollTag, TxTag, FasTrak, I-PASS, PikePass, AutoExpreso, etc.) for some or all of the toll plazas, bridges, and tunnels on your route. However, you can see tolls for individual toll locations in theΒ toll calculator.
  • If “Cash” toll is shown as 🚫, you cannot pay toll by Cash (or credit/debit card) at one or more locations.
  • Similarly, if the agency will not take a photo of your license plate to bill you toll on one or more locations in your route, Video toll (Pay By Plate, ZipCash, TollByPlate, Pay by Mail, License Plate Toll etc.) is shown as 🚫.

Use Toll Calculator to calculate tolls for your trip and see which payment method is accepted on which toll plaza.

Toll Calculator

Looking to optimize trip tolls and calculate toll bills for your fleet? Integrate Toll API for pre-trip, on-trip, and post-trip toll and other route cost information.

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