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Fleet Optimization with TollGuru API

Fleet Optimization with TollGuru API Optimising fleet operations can save time, reduce fuel consumption, and significantly cut costs. TollGuru’s robust API offers powerful tools for fleet management.

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Route Optimization with TollGuru API: Fastest, Cheapest, and EV-friendly Journeys

Route Optimization with TollGuru API: Fastest, Cheapest, and EV-friendly Journeys The future of mobility is digital, and the key to this future lies in harnessing the power of data.

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Integrate TollGuru Toll API with TMS platforms to add toll, cost and route intelligence.

Toll API for an edge over your TMS competitors

A toll intelligent TMS can help a trucker save $69 with just 16 minute detour in a city with extensive tolls like NY. Here are the other features that Toll API can add to your TMS for a competitive edge.

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Dealing with rental car toll charges in US can be an expensive and confusing mess.

How to Make Rental Car Toll Charges a Less Expensive Mess

A $3 toll can be billed as a $20 rental car toll receipt. But when you know how tolls work for rental cars, you can find the optimal ways to reduce toll costs.

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With PA Turnpike, world's most expensive toll road, several toll bridges and tunnels charging over $5 in tolls, US levies very high tolls.

Cheapest Way Around the Most Expensive US Tolls

No wonder, tolls can account for 60% to 80% of your travel costs. After all, 35 of the US states levy tolls – some are among the most expensive in the world! Luckily, there are cheaper routes around them.

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Plan a budget US road trips with TollGuru to save on tolls and gas costs

Most Popular US Road Trips 2021 — How to Save in Tolls & Gas

On an east-coast road trip, you can save ~$25 in tolls just by taking an hour long detour from the typical fastest route. As road trip costs matters as much as the stops, we should definitely plan for both.

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Plan your trip hassle-free by following new post-covid travel regulations and using TollGuru trip calculator.

Can I Travel Again? Why Not!

In 2021, travel volume is set to rebound close to that of 2019. But with the impacts of pandemic still lingering, we should adapt the new normal and adopt new tools for the upcoming travel wave.

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Golden Gate Bridge tolls, toll plaza, toll tag and more

Travel Destinations and Toll Roads in 2021

The roads leading to your travel destination may levy tolls but most of us forget it while planning the trip. Let’s calculate tolls and compare routes for a hassle-free journey.

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How to calculate tolls using TollGuru Trip Calculator

Learn how to use toll calculator and do more with with the app.

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Maps need to show cost and time trade-off to make optimal decisions.

Maps Need Tolls

Google maps, Here, TomTom, Mapbox, Apple Maps, ESRI need to rethink their basic premise of routing – show trade-off between travel time and cost (tolls and fuel).

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Debugging Route Polyline – TollGuru Polyline to Toll API

TollGuru Polyline to Toll API allows fleets, logistic companies, ride-shares, and car rentals to calculate tolls from GPS traces and mapping route polylines.

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Debugging Route Upload Errors — TollGuru GPS traces to Toll API & Route Polyline to Toll API

How TG’s post-trip reconciliation feature could save car rentals, car leasing and ride shares millions in toll processing

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Calculate tolls for routes from Google, Bing, MapBox, Apple Map, HERE, TomTom, Waze, ESRI, MapQuest, JawgMaps, Trimble, PTV, MapmyIndia, Yandex, Michelin, Baidu, Gaode

How to Calculate Tolls for any route — Map Independent Toll API

TollGuru Toll API now allows individuals and businesses to calculate toll costs for routes from any mapping provider.

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Toll road tips news updates

Product release: Toll billing from vehicle GPS traces

Tollguru GPS traces to Toll API allows fleets, car rentals and ride-share firms to estimate toll costs for billing operations.

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