TollGuru API Pricing Plans

Starter Trial

$ 0

Upto 150 transactions per day


$ 40 /month

5,000 transactions per month



$ 130 /month

20,000 transactions per month


$ 450 /month

100,000 transactions per month


$ 2000 /month

500,000 transactions per month



More than 500,000 transactions per month

Prices exclude any applicable taxes.

Choose TollGuru Toll API pricing plan if you are looking for integrating any of the following two TollGuru API endpoints:

  1. Tolls between Origin and destination API endpoint

    To calculate the cheapest and the fastest routes, tolls and fuel expenses, toll miles and state mileage report for given origin, destination, and waypoints (if any).

  2. Tolls for complete route polyline API endpoint

    Ideal when you are already using a mapping service for your routing and you are able to send the complete route poyline to TollGuru to calculate tolls and fuel expenses for that route.

Our tiered pricing plans are designed to align with your business's scale and growth, starting with a 14-day free trial. Choose the plan that fits your current traffic. Seamlessly upgrade subscriptions as your needs expand.

TollTally API Pricing Plans

If you are looking to calculate tolls for the actual route traveled by the vehicle, right after the trip, then TollTally - GPS tracks to tolls API, is the right choice.

With TollTally, our groundbreaking GPS-based, AI-powered toll billing solution, waiting for the toll agency's bills is a thing of the past. Imagine receiving toll cost information every minute, enabling you to include tolls in your customer billing, driver reimbursements, or rental/lease agreements, right after the trip!

Schedule a call with us to learn more about the TollTally pricing and subscription plans.


If you request with one origin and one destination, TollGuru™ Toll API needs to query two geocode requests to Google Maps or any other map API, two-direction requests to Google Maps or any other map API, and one Toll (plus gas) transaction to Tollguru Toll API. This leads to 2 geocode + 2 direction + 1 toll = 5 transactions.
If you request for one origin, two stops, and one destination, it would be 4 geocode requests + 2 direction requests + 1 toll request = 7 transactions.
If you send a route polyline (with as many stops as you want) based on Google Maps or any other map without necessitating any queries to Google Maps or any other map API, it will be just one transaction.
The API Toll bill is calculated based on your usage plan and the number of transactions in the usage period. For example, if you sign up for the Starter plan, you will pay $40 per month for up to 5,000 transactions. If you end up making 7,000 transactions to Tollguru™ Toll API during the usage period, you will pay $40*7,000/5,000 = $56, if you make 20,000 requests, you will pay $40*4= $160 and so on.
If you sign up for a Basic plan, you will pay $130 for up to 20,000 transactions. If you make 100,000 transactions during the usage period, you will pay $130 * 5 = $650.
If you already know you will have a high number of transactions, it may be a good idea to sign up for a higher plan (as you will get discounts compared to signing for the lower plan).

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