How do American toll roads collect payment

Last updated on Apr 15, 2024 · 2 minutes

On most USA toll roads, bridges, and tunnels you will have three payment options to pay your tolls.

  • If you install a Tag, an eligible transponder (E-ZPassSunPassTollTagTxTagFasTrakI-PASSPikePassAutoExpreso, etc.), you do not need to stop to pay the toll. This toll is “Tag” toll.
  • If you do not have an eligible Tag installed, some tolling agencies take a picture of your license plate and send you a bill. This toll is “Video” (Pay By Plate, ZipCash, TollByPlate, Pay by Mail, License Plate Toll etc.) toll.
  • At some locations, you stop and pay toll by cash or credit or a debit card, the toll is “Cash” toll.

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US Toll Calculator

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