How do you show tolls for trucks based on axles and not weight and height

Last updated on Oct 28, 2021 · 2 minutes

As you are aware, some toll road agencies charge tolls based on weight and vehicle height. TollGuru Toll Calculator uses a relationship table between truck weight and number of axles. For example, refer to the table showing relationship between weight and axle for Pennsylvania Turnpike. Please refer to individual state pages for information for all facilities where tolls for trucks are not charged based on axles.

If we do not use a relationship between weight and axles, we will not be able to show total tolls for routes where one toll agency in the route charges tolls based on axles and another agency charges tolls based on truck weight.

Try Truck Toll Calculator to see it in action for toll calculation for trucks up to 9 axles.

Truck Toll Calculator

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