How will I pay for rental car tolls

Last updated on Oct 28, 2021 · 2 minutes

The easy but perhaps expensive option is to sign up to pay tolls through your rental car company. If you want to avoid paying toll penalties and administrative charges later, you need to know if you can pay tolls by cash on your route. You may want to use Rental Car Toll Calculator to check toll locations on your route and whether you can pay by cash. If you do not know the exact location of the cash lanes, you may travel through the transponder lane by mistake.

Rental Car Toll Calculator

You may want to bring your own toll transponder, but it may not be the best solution for two reasons.

  • Most toll agencies such as NTTA, TxDOT in Texas, do not want you to use transponder from one car into another car. You may have an eligible transponder in your car but if the transponder is not read, the tolling agency will bill the “registered owner” of the car, which is the rental agency.
  • Transponders are not inter-operable. For example, you cannot use California FasTrak in E-ZPass, TxTag, or SunPass lanes.

In both cases, the toll agency will bill the registered owner of the car – the rental car agency. You will need to pay penalties if you did not sign up to pay tolls through the rental car agency. Depending on your needs, you may want to sign up to pay tolls via the rental car agencies. Refer to the SunPass rental car page for details. The following table summarizes toll charges from car rental agencies.

Toll charges from major car rental agencies
Rental car agency Daily fee Monthly/ Rental maximum
Alamo $3.95 $19.75
Avis $3.95 $19.75
Enterprise $3.95 $19.75
Hertz $4.95 $24.75
National $4.95 $24.75

Run a rental car business? Integrate Toll API for pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip toll intelligence. 

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