Toll API for an edge over your TMS competitors

Last updated on Mar 21, 2022 · 3 minutes

For years mapping and routing services have been helping TMSs in planning their activities. The basic function of a routing service a decade back was to tell the user a route between point A and Point B. In a dynamic and technologically advancing world, the needs of the consumers are also changing.

TMSs are providing a plethora of services to businesses like Order Management, Load Planning, Fleet management, Route analysis, etc. But are these services enough? A clear void that can be seen is lack of access to accurate and updated toll information and unavailability of an optimal route to choose from leading to recurring toll violations, increased toll expenditure, time wastage, etc.

With MapUp’s TollGuru Toll API, it is now possible to get your hands on all of the missing features that can largely benefit the TMSs. With the help of toll intelligence, the TollGuru API gives TMS much-needed access to accurate and updated toll information. The benefits this solution provides are:
  1. Optimal Routing (Cost-Efficient) – This feature can help you save a few dollars on every route by enabling the users to choose the efficient alternate route that is cheaper or faster.
  2. Updated and Accurate Trip Cost Calculations/Billing – It helps the user (logistics/fleet/rentals/rideshares) in identifying if a trip/load is profitable.  One can avoid overcharging or undercharging the customers because of the provision of accurate delivery/travel charges for the services rendered.
  3. Avoiding toll violations with the help of prior toll preparation – Provision of live alerts for incoming/approaching toll plazas, toll rates, payment options, tag information, discounts, etc to avoid toll violations.

To give a detailed insight into how it works, here’s an example. 

“Say you have to dispatch a 5-axle semi from Englewood, NJ to Scarsdale, NY in upstate New York. Navigation software would show you three routes, most likely, all going over the George Washington Bridge (GWB) ($90 one-way toll with E-ZPass NY). 

TollGuru would show the cheapest route over Tappan Zee/ Cuomo Bridge, the fastest route over GWB, and some other logical routes. If you drive on the cheapest route (over Tappan Zee), you would take about 16 minutes more (than driving over GWB) but save $69 (if paying with NY E-ZPass). Since the cheapest route does not figure in the top five fastest routes, it is never shown as an option by any other mapping app. Use TollGuru trip calculators (on the web, Android, or iPhone) or integrate TollGuru API and save $69 in an hour-long trip!”

TollGuru can be your asset, the one that can make you stand out. Many consumers have been using TollGuru API in addition to a standard TMS. The question here is, is it the most effective way to work things around? 

Businesses always look for a holistic solution, a single platform to go to for all their needs. Wouldn’t integrating toll intelligence make you the most sought-after atomistic solution? Or rather let’s frame it that way, the only TMS to provide that service, thus enriching the TMS experience as a whole. 
Small businesses especially TMSs have been reaching out to TollGuru for API integrations. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on the most requisite feature, which would also give your TMS a competitive edge. TollGuru API is helping people and fleets arrive at their destination at a lower price or faster. Even saving little money instills a feeling of satisfaction, thus making people happy.

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