Indonesia Toll Calculator: Accurate Toll & Fuel Cost Calculator for All Toll Roads in Indonesia

Calculate toll and fuel costs with e-toll cards, cash, and tolls on various major toll roads in Indonesia such as JORR, Cikampek-Palimanan, Surabaya, and others.

Planning a trip? Get toll fees, fuel costs, and total trip expenses instantly calculated with the toll calculator from TollGuru. Find the cheapest toll routes and their rates, whether using E-toll, toll transponders, or cash throughout Indonesia.
Business? Integrate Toll API for toll and route information before, during, and after the journey.
Still not convinced? Just enter your origin, and destination, and Submit to see tolls in seconds. Fill the optional fields - mileage, toll tags etc. - to get more accurate results.

Enter the starting point, destination, vehicle type, and payment method. The toll calculator provides toll fee details, fuel estimates, and rates for every toll road in Indonesia, including cash rates, E-toll rates, and more.

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  • Cost breakdown (tolls, gas etc. )
  • Toll plazas on map
  • Cheapest and Fastest routes
  • Truck-compliant route and break stops
  • Choose toll tag
  • Toll rates (for all payment methods)
  • Reorder stops (Traveling salesman problem)

TollGuru's toll calculator has extensive coverage for all tolls in Indonesia - such as JORR, Cikampek-Palimanan, Surabaya, Tangerang-Merak, and others. Get personalized toll prices for cars, trucks, buses, vans, and motorcycles.

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The common payment methods are cash, e-toll cards (e.g. E-toll, E-money, etc.), and prepaid toll transponders/tags issued by toll road operators.
An e-toll card is a prepaid electronic card that allows cashless toll payments. Simply tap the card at the toll gate to deduct the fee. Popular e-toll cards include E-toll and E-money.
No, credit/debit cards are generally not accepted for toll payments in Indonesia. Cash, e-toll cards, and prepaid transponders are the main payment options.
No, toll rates can vary between different toll road operators and across vehicle classes. The calculator uses the official, updated toll rates from each toll road authority.
E-toll card rates are generally lower than cash rates on most Indonesian toll roads as an incentive for cashless payments.
Some of the busiest and most popular toll roads include the Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR), Cikampek-Palimanan, Surabaya-Gempol, Tangerang-Merak, and Jagorawi toll roads.