Tamil Nadu Toll Calculator - Find the Cheapest and Fastest Routes

Plan your journey with Tamil Nadu TollGuru Calculator: Compare routes and optimize for cost or time efficiency with exact toll cost estimates.

Planning a road trip, a delivery, or a dispatch? Calculate toll charges, fuel costs, and routes for your trip across Tamil Nadu using the TollGuru Toll Calculator. Get accurate breakdowns for all vehicle types, including cars, trucks, and buses, for each India national and state highway, toll roads, bridges, and tunnels. Find the fastest or most cost-effective route with our FASTag and NHAI toll calculator. Business? Integrate Toll API for pre-trip, on-trip, and post-trip toll and route information.

Still not convinced? “Plan your trip for free”: Enter the start point, destination, vehicle type, and payment method. The toll calculator provides a toll breakdown, total toll costs, fuel estimates, cash rates, and FASTag. Fill in the optional fields - mileage, toll tags etc. - to get more accurate results.

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  • Interactive Markers: Seamlessly pinpoint the From, To, and Via markers on the map. The toll marker will show you a detailed popup about the tolls.
  • Vehicle Types: See personalized toll rates for cars, trucks, Bus & LCV.
  • Cost Breakdown: Understand your expenses with toll charges, fuel costs, and other expenses.
  • Cheapest and Fastest Routes: Compare routes for economical and quick options.
  • Toll Plazas on Map: Visualize toll plaza locations on the map for efficient trip planning.
  • Toll Rates for All Plazas: Access up-to-date toll rates for all plazas along your route.
  • Reorder Stops: Optimize route sequence for efficiency.
  • Truck-Compliant Route: Find routes compliant with truck regulations.
  • Multi-Stop Optimization: Optimize stops for multi-destination trips.
  • Optional fuel info: Can specify the custom fuel details such as fuel efficiency ( City / Highway ), fuel type ( Diesel / Petrol ), and fuel cost.
  • Save vehicle option: Now you can save, edit, and delete your custom vehicle and use it with custom details like Vehicle name, axle count, fuel efficiency, etc.

The TollGuru toll calculator delivers extensive coverage of all major Indian toll roads, including the Yamuna Expressway, Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, Purvanchal Expressway, and others. Explore key routes such as the Chennai Bypass Road (KMD Expressway), the Chennai-Trichy-Madurai-Salem Expressway, and the Madurai-Theni Expressway with accurate and current toll tax information from the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). Plan your travel efficiently across various vehicle types—cars, trucks, buses, two-wheelers, or commercial vehicles. Access personalized toll pricing and make informed decisions with reliable and detailed data.

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The calculator utilizes real-time data to analyze various routes and offers options based on either the lowest toll and fuel costs or the shortest travel time, helping you select your preferred route.
Using TollGuru Toll Calculator is pretty easy. Just enter your origin, destination addresses—at the very least—and submit. And the calculator shows toll plazas, tolls, fuel costs, and more—in seconds! For more information, you can visit here
Yes, you can use the ZIP codes in place of full addresses for toll calculations on TollGuru. Simply enter the ZIP codes of your starting point and destination in the designated fields.
Looking to optimize trip tolls and calculate toll bills for your fleet? Integrate Toll API for pre-trip, on-trip, and post-trip toll and other route cost information.
Yes, our toll calculator allows you to select your vehicle type—car, truck, bus, or motorcycle—to provide accurate toll and fuel estimates tailored to your specific vehicle.
Absolutely, our tool supports multi-stop trip planning. Simply add the stops on your route, and the calculator will reorder them for optimal time and cost efficiency.
Yes, the TollGuru app is available for download, offering all the features of our web-based calculator for on-the-go access.