Post-trip bill reconciliation

Optimize business operations and monitor cash flow for logistics, fleets, car rentals, rideshares, and similar companies. Reduce the waiting time to reconcile toll bills from billing agencies and invoice your customers immediately.


Transform your business operations with faster decisions


How to reduce wating time?

Why wait for 30 days to receive the bills to reconcile manually when you can know the tolls charges instantly using TollGuru.


How much to charge?

Get accurate toll charges for all the tolls crossed during the trips and charge your customers immediately after the trip.


How will it improve the business?

Invoicing your customers immediately at the end of the trip would improve the cash flow of your business by cutting down the 30 day cycle.

Why use TollGuru's post-trip bill reconciliation

Comprehensive bill reconciliation solution

With support extended for all vehicle types, all road types (highways, motorways, tunnels bridges etc.) all toll types (fixed, open, barrier, time-based, distance-based), and other toll parameters, getting accurate toll rates for the trip takes only a few seconds.

Since some tolls change as per the time of travel, accurate toll rates are returned as per the data of the trip.

Ease of use

Use Route polyline or shape (lat, long coordinates) from any mapping service or send GPS tracks for a route, such as those received from a smartphone, car GPS or a fleet GPS device to get the accurate toll costs from the trip.

Getting toll costs from a past trip has never been so easy.

Fastest way to reconcile

Computation time for route polyline requests to get the toll response is pretty quick, often a few milliseconds for smaller routes and less than three seconds for long-distance (~500 miles) routes.

Proprietary data models and algorithms for each mapping provider make the toll calculations extremely fast.

Map independent and easy to integrate

You can send us Route polyline or shape (lat, long coordinates) from any mapping service including Google, Bing, MapBox, Apple Maps, TomTom, Waze, ESRI, MapQuest, JawgMaps, Trimble, PTV, MapmyIndia, Yandex, Michelin, Baidu, Gaode or your custom source after your trip. Our data abstraction models and toll algorithms would take care of the rest and give you accurate toll costs.

With the industry-leading tech stack, integration is as easy and fast as finishing your favorite cup of cold coffee.

Tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes



World's most comprehensive and easiest to integrate toll intelligence in your business. Suitable for mid-sized businesses and enterprises.

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Private cloud

State-of-the-art tech stack comprises Toll Data and SDK. Power-packed with features for large enterprises looking for deeper integration.



Create and build custom solutions by integrating our platform into your new or existing apps. Suitable for businesses looking to transform their business faster.


Web and mobile

Use a free web calculator or download the free toll calculator apps. Subscription required for some vehicle classes. Suitable for owner-operators and SMBs.

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Use cases


Car rental toll bill reconciliation

Car rentals and similar businesses have to wait for 30 days to receive the toll bills from tolling agencies. This impacts their speed to invoice their customers for accurate toll charges at the end of the trip. Using TollGuru, they can automate this process and cut down the waiting time from 30 days to 3 seconds.



Mid-size or large enterprises have to go through travel claims from their employees and validate their fuel costs and toll charges. This is painstakingly inefficient for them. Using TollGuru can automate this process for them and a year's work can be done in a day.


Driver payments

E-hails such as Uber, Ola, Lyft etc. have to pay their drivers for the tolls paid by them during the trips. Usually, this cost is billed to the customer. They need to validate on a constant basis if the toll amount reflected in the bill was correct or not. Using their route polyline or GPS tracks readily available with them, they can do this in few seconds.


Tollguru Toll API offers very flexible usage plans and affordable pricing options for trucking freight operations, connected vehicles, rideshare services, billing, transportation modeling, or anything where you want to use toll and fuel cost information.
The existing plans are Starter, Basic, Standard, Corporate, and enterprise. Please contact our API team at to know more about plans and pricing options that suit your business the best.
If you already know you will have a high number of transactions, it may be a good idea to sign up for a higher plan (as you will get discounts compared to signing for the lower plan).

If you request with one origin and one destination, TollGuru™ Toll API needs to query two geocode requests to Google Maps or any other map API, two direction requests to Google Maps or any other map API, and one Toll (plus gas) transaction to Tollguru Toll API. This leads to 2 geocode + 2 direction + 1 toll = 5 transactions.
If you request for one origin, two stops and one destination, it would be 4 geocode requests + 2 direction requests + 1 toll request = 7 transactions.
If you send a route polyline (with as many stops as you want) based on Google Maps or any other map without necessitating any queries to Google Maps or any other map, it will be just one transaction.

Get a free trial account

The API Toll bill is calculated based on your usage plan and the number of transactions in the usage period. For example, if you sign up for the Starter plan, you will pay $40 per month for up to 5,000 transactions. If you end up making 7,000 transactions to Tollguru™ Toll API during the usage period, you will pay $40*7,000/5,000 = $56, if you make 20,000 requests, you will pay $40*4= $160 and so on.
If you sign up for a Basic plan, you will pay $130 for up to 20,000 transactions. If you make 100,000 transactions during the usage period, you will pay $130 * 5 = $650.
If you already know you will have a high number of transactions, it may be a good idea to sign up for a higher plan (as you will get discounts compared to signing for the lower plan).

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All our API usage plans are based on a monthly billing cycle starting the day you sign up for the plan. The invoice for each usage period is billed and sent out at the end of the usage period. For example, you signed up for the Starter plan on Jan 5th, your first usage period would be Jan 5th to Feb 5th. The invoice for this period will be billed and emailed to you on 5th Feb and so on.
If you change your subscription plan in the middle of the month, for that period, you pay pro-rated charges based on the current plan. For the remaining time period in the month, you pay pro-rated charges based on the updated subscription plan.

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