How to pay missed toll in Dallas

Last updated on Oct 15, 2021 · 1 minute

To pay a missed toll in Dallas, you have to use ZipCash. It is a pay-by-mail system of NTTA for Dallas-Fort Worth toll facilities. For missing a toll, they send a toll invoice usually within a month. You can pay DFW missed toll in the following ways:

  • Online at ZipCash Portal
  • By Mail
  • Over the phone at 972-818-NTTA (6882) or 817-731-NTTA (6882) 
  • In-person at the NTTA Customer Service Center

Keep your Account Number and PIN handy, as mentioned in the invoice, while making payment.  

Use Dallas Toll Calculator to calculate your tolls and fuel cost to travel in Dallas – before the trip. 

Dallas Toll Calculator

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