Massachusetts Toll Calculator

Looking for how much tolls cost in Massachusetts? Use the Massachusetts Toll Calculator!

Planning a road trip, a delivery, or a dispatch? Get toll charges, fuel expenses, total travel costs, state miles, and toll miles. Find the cheapest toll routes and rates whether paying with E-ZPass MA, toll transponders, cash, or license plate tolling across the Massachusetts Turnpike and Ted Willians Tunnel and other US states toll facilities. Fleets? Integrate Toll API for pre-trip route optimization, on-trip and post-trip toll, and route information.

Enter the start point, destination, vehicle type, and payment method. The toll calculator provides a toll breakdown, total toll costs, fuel estimates, and rates for each US toll road, turnpike, express lane, bridge, and tunnel - including cash rates, E-ZPass discounts, pay-by-plate tolls, and more.

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  • Payment Options: Calculate toll costs for cash, E-ZPass, I-Pass, TxTag & more.
  • Interactive Toll Plaza Map: View toll plazas along highway or turnpike route.
  • Cheapest vs Fastest Routes: Choose the cheapest or quickest toll route.
  • Cost Breakdown: Get itemized toll costs, fuel expenses & other trip charges.
  • Filter by Vehicle Type: See personalized toll rates for cars, trucks, RVs & EVs.
  • Truck Toll Routing: Get truck-legal routes with parking & break stops.
  • Truck State Mileage: Get state mileage and toll miles for compliance.
  • Multi-Stop Optimization: Reorder stops for efficient multi-destination trips.
  • EV Trip Planner: Locate EV charging stations, costs & connector types.

TollGuru toll calculator has extensive coverage of all US tolls - Pennsylvania Turnpike, Ohio Turnpike, commercial trucks, rental car tolls, and everything in between. Get vehicle-specific toll pricing for trucks, cars, taxis, RVs, EVs, etc.

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