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Whitney-on-Wye toll bridge

Whitney-on-Wye toll bridge[1] is a single-carriageway, wood- and stone-construction in Herefordshire, England. The toll bridge carries the B4350 south from its junction with the A438, near Whitney-on-Wye, across the River Wye. It comprises two Grade II listed structures.

There is a 7.5ton weight restriction and a 5mph speed limit on the Whitney on Wye toll bridge. 

The Whitney on Wye bridge Toll Calculator calculates toll and tolls for all other toll motorways, roads, bridges and tunnels in UK for cars, trucks, trailers, caravans, motorhomes and motorcycles for peak and off-peak hours.

Whitney-on-Wye toll charge

All motorised vehicles, including motorcycles, pay £1 on the Whitney-on-Wye toll bridge [2]. There is no charge for pedestrians, cyclists or horse riders.

How to pay toll on Whitney-on-Wye toll Bridge

When making the £1 payment for a normal crossing, the system on Whitney-on-Wye Toll Bridge[3] recognises your number plate and issue a ticket. By presenting the ticket at the machine, the vehicle can make unlimited crossings within the same day until 24:00 midnight.

Whitney-on-Wye toll bridge payment methods- 

  • Coins
  • Contactless card payment
  • Season tickets

Whitney on Wye toll bridge season tickets

Each Season ticket card[4] can be allocated a registration number plate, to be recognised automatically by the ANPR system. You can group together a maximum of 3 vehicles/cards per household or business. 

If a second vehicle/card is to be linked the 2nd vehicle will be charged @ 50% of the 1st vehicle price. If you have a 3rd vehicle/card, you can have 3 number plates on the three cards. The 3rd vehicle will be charged @ 50% of the 1st vehicle price.

Months of servicePrice
3 Monthly                    £ 35 per 1st Vehicle
6 Monthly  £ 70 per 1st vehicle
12 Monthly£120 per 1st vehicle

Any new customers wishing to have a Season Ticket Card, can obtain the new card and set up the account from the office of Whitney Bridge. Payment for all Season Ticket Cards will be made at a dedicated Payment Kiosk.

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