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Warburton Toll Bridge

Warburton Bridge[1] is a privately owned statutory tolled undertaking which incorporates a public highway road length. The high-level cantilever bridge crosses the Manchester Ship Canal on the B5159 road, connecting the A57 with the A6144, and was commissioned under the Rixton & Warburton Bridge Act 1863. 

The original stone bridge spanned the River Mersey prior to its later diversion into the Manchester Ship Canal. Both bridges and the unadopted approach roads are privately maintained. It is one of the few remaining pre-motorway toll bridges in the United Kingdom,  and the only one in Greater Manchester

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Warburton bridge toll price

Warburton bridge toll price is 12 p for all vehicles. Users paying through cash should keep change with them as no change is provided to motorists there. Currently, the Warburton toll bridge weight limit is 3 tonnes per vehicle on the bridge. 

How to pay toll on Warburton Toll Bridge

You can pay toll on Warburton toll Bridge[2] through- 

  • Cash
  • Warburton Toll Bridge 2021 pass

What is Warburton Toll Bridge 2021 pass

Warburton toll bridge 2021 pass[3] allows a frequent traveler to make unlimited trips in 2021. The pass can be purchased for £30.00.

Warburton Bridge tolling agency

For general enquiries and further information, you can contact the Warburton Toll Bridge website[4].

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