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Ireland toll tags

Toll tags allow you to travel on all lanes equipped with an electronic tolling system. Motorists having toll tags can pay for all toll roads in Ireland without stopping. There are various toll tags in Ireland providing different benefits to the travelers- 

Direct Route tag

The Direct Route toll tag is accepted on all Toll Roads in Ireland including the M50 Barrier free tolling. You can purchase the Direct Route tag from the Direct Route website here.[1] You can apply online for a DirectRoute Tag or you may call the DirectRoute Tag Customer Service Centre and speak with a member of the customer support team on 582800 061 582800 (Limerick) or 4889968 021 4889968 (Fermoy) to request that an application pack for Direct Route tag be sent out to you by post


The Easytrip motorway toll tag[2] functions on all Ireland toll roads including the M50 toll barrier free. The Easytrip toll tag allows you to save €1.00 on the M50 toll motorway. The tag has no upfront tag cost and comes with a monthly fee of €1.23. To sign up for the Easytrip toll tag you can visit the Easytrip website here[3].

eFlow toll tag 

Eflow tag account is best suited for frequent travelers. With the Eflow tag you save €1.00 for every M50 toll and have a monthly admin fee of €1.23. For more information on M50 toll visit M50 toll. eFlow toll tag allows you to save extra for electric vehicles as well. The motorist can choose from prepaid and postpaid payment methods for eFlow tag.

The eFlow toll tag works on most of the Ireland toll roads including- 

  • M50 Barrier-Free Toll
  • M3 (Clonee – Kells)
  • M4 (Kilcock – Enfield – Kinnegad)
  • N6 (Galway – Ballinasloe)
  • N8 (Rathcormac – Fermoy Bypass)
  • Limerick Tunnel
  • East-Link Bridge
  • Dublin Port Tunnel
  • M1 (Drogheda)
  • M7/M8 (Portlaoise)
  • N25 (Waterford)


With TollTag[4] you get the options to choose from 4 types of tolling accounts. TollTag helps you get €1.00 discount for every M50 journey and it works on every toll road of Ireland. With TollTag you can receive up to 75% tolls refunded for electric vehicles. 

There are different options available for TollTag for fleets as well as for heavy road users. You can choose from the following Tolltag accounts-

Pay As You Toll

This TollTag types comes with no monthly charges and no initial deposit required. A usage fee of 10% each time you use the TollTag. The TollTag can be topped up by cash nationwide at any Post Office or selected PostPoint outlets and online by card if you require. The TollTag comes with no monthly charges. Get your Pay as you Toll Tolltag here[5].

Pay As You Toll+

Pay As You Toll+ is free of charge and you just need to have €20.00 of tolling credit to get you going.The Pay As You Toll+ Tag has an automatic top-up. This plan is designed for the medium user of tolls and those who prefer not to be bound to monthly charges. Get your Pay as you Toll+ Tolltag here[6].

Toll Tag Lease

The Toll Tag Lease is designed for frequent toll users and provides automatic VAT statements monthly. The TollTag is free and you just need to add €20.00 credit to get you started and your good to go. There’s a small monthly fee of €1.21 VAT inclusive no matter how many tolls you travel through. Get your Pay as you Toll Tag Lease TollTag here[7].

Toll Tag Fleet

You can get Toll Tag Fleet for a monthly amount of €1.00 per Tag without any deposit. The account operates on automatic direct debit. The Toll Tag Fleet TollTag is valid on all UK toll roads as well. Get your Pay as you Toll Tag Lease TollTag here[8].

To get more information about Ireland toll tags visit here[9].

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