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Rajasthan toll roads

Below is the list of NHAI operated toll plazas in Rajasthan:

Toll Plaza NameNH No.Section of Highway
Akhepura52Reengus – Sikar (Km 298.075 to Km 341.047)
Amoli11Bharatpur – Mahua (Km 63.000 to Km 120.000)
Aroli76Chittorgarh – Kota
Bagaliya (MoRTH)8Bewar to Gomti (Km 58.245 to Km 134)
Baggad (MoRTH)8Bewar to Gomti (Km 58.245 to Km 177.050)
Banthadi458Nimbijodha Degna Merta City (0.000 139.900)
Barkheda (Chandlai)52Jaipur – Deoli
Bassi76Chittorgarh – Kota
Chila Chond11BKarauli – Dholpur (Km 83.960 – Km 184.860)
Daulatpura8Gurgaon Kotputli Jaipur
Dhadhar52 (Old 65)Rajasthan Border Fatehpur Salasar section
Dhaneshwar76Chittorgarh – Kota
Doli112Jodhpur Pachpadra Section
Fatehpur76Kota – Baran Section
Gogunda (Jaswantgarh)76Jaswantgarh – Debari
Jasnathnagar114Jodhpur to Pokaran
Jojro Ka Khera79Bhilwara – Chittorgarh (Km 81.000 to Km 163.900)
Kedi79A 79Kishangarh (km 0.000) to Gulabpura (km 90.000) section of NH 79A and NH 79
Khandi Obari8Kherwara – Ratanpur (Km 348.000 to Km 388.180)
Kishangarh (Badgaon)8Jaipur – Kishangarh
Kishorpura52Deoli – Kota
Konder11BKarauli – Dholpur (Km 83.960 – Km 184.860)
Korai21Agra – Bharatpur
Lambiya Kalan79Gulabpura Chittorgarh (Km 100.750 to Km 121.20)
Lasedi52 (Old 65)Rajasthan Border Fatehpur Salasar section
Lilamba458Lambia – Raipur
Ludhawai11Bharatpur – Mahua ((Km 62.295 to Km 119.600)
Malera76Pindwara – Jaswantgarh
Mandawada (Gomati)8Gomti Churaha – Udaipur
Manoharpur8Gurgaon – Kotputli – Jaipur
Methoon52Jhalawar-Rajasthan/M.P.Border (Km 346.540 to Km Km 408.700)
Morani (Pokaran)114Jodhpur to Pokaran
Motisar (Khanori)114Jodhpur To Pokaran
Mujras758Rajsamand Bhilwara
Narayanpura76Udaipur Chittorgarh (Km 214 to Km 308)
Negadiya8Gomti Churaha – Udaipur
Nimbaniya Ki Dhani (Bayatu)25Bagundi – Barmer (km 254.800 to km 328.900)
Paduna8Udaipur – Kherwara (Km 278.000 to Km 348.000)
Para148DBheem – Gulabpura – Parasoli ByPass
Rajadhok21Mahua – Jaipur (Km 120.000 to Km 228.000)
Raksha27Amola – Jhansi Bypass
Ramnagar27Raj/MP Boarder-Amola Vill (Shivpuri Bypass)
Rupa Kheda758Rajsamand Bhilwara
Shahjahanpur8Gurgaon – Kotputli – Jaipur
Shobhasar58 (Old 65)Rajasthan Border Fatehpur Salasar section
Sikandra11Mahua – Jaipur (Km 120.000 to Km 228.000)
Simliya27Kota – Baran Section
SixML62Suratgarh Sriganganagar
Sonwa (Sonva)52Jaipur- Deoli (new)
Tamdoli458Nimbijodha Degna Merta City (0.000 139.900)
Thikariya (Jaipur)8Jaipur – Kishangarh

Rajasthan toll calculator calculates tolls and fuel expenses for cars, vans, jeeps, trucks, trailers, buses and motorcycles for all the toll roads in Rajasthan and nearby states.

How to pay toll in Rajasthan

You can pay tolls using Cash on all the toll plazas in Rajasthan. Some of the toll plazas also accept payments using FASTag, a tag that enables automatic electronic deduction of toll charges and lets you pass through the toll plaza without stopping for the cash transaction.

Below is the list of toll plazas that accept FASTag.

Plaza NamePlaza CityConcessionaire
Jaipur PlazaJaipurGVK
Kishangarh PlazaAjmerGVK
Shahjahanpur Toll PlazaAlwarPink City Expressway
Manoharpura Toll plazaJaipurPink City Expressway
Daulatpura Toll PlazaJaipurPink City Expressway
Kavalias Toll PlazaBhilwaraNHAI
Jojro Ka Kheda Toll PlazaChittaurgarhNHAI
Rithola Toll PlazaChittaurgarhNHAI
Narayanpura Toll PlazaUdaipurNHAI
Paduna Toll PlazaUdaipurNHAI
Khandi Obri Toll PlazaUdaipurNHAI
Barkheda Toll PlazaJaipurIRB
Sonwa Toll PlazaTonkIRB
Undvariya Toll PlazaSirohiNHAI
SimiliyaKotaM/S Kota Baran Toll Ways
FatehpurBaranM/S Kota Baran Toll Ways
BassiChittaurgarhChittorgarh Kota Toll Ways
AroliBhilwaraChittorgarh Kota Toll Ways
DhaneshwarBundiChittorgarh Kota Toll Ways
MaleraSirohiUdaipur Pathways
GogundaUdaipurUdaipur Pathways
Ludhwai Toll PlazaBharatpurM/s Madhucon House Agra – Jaipur Expressways Ltd.
Amoli Toll PlazaBharatpurM/s Madhucon House Agra – Jaipur Expressways Ltd.
MundiyarBaranJhansi Baran Pathways
Methoon Toll PlazaJhalawarNHAI
Kishorepura Toll PlazaKotaGVK
Mandawara Toll PlazaRajsamandShreenathji Udaipur Tollway Pvt Ltd
Negadiya Toll PlazaRajsamandShreenathji Udaipur Tollway Pvt Ltd
Rupakheda Toll PlazaChittaurgarhBhilwara Rajsamand Tollway Private Limited

Pay toll in Rajasthan with FASTag

main article: FASTag in India

FASTag is an electronic toll tag that works across all the toll roads of Rajasthan, its neighboring states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and other Indian states and union territories. With this installed on your vehicle, you can pass through electronic toll plazas without having to stop to pay tolls. It automatically deducts the relevant charges from the linked account. Apart from being a fast and secure method to pay tolls in India, it is also cheaper than paying toll in cash.

It is currently operational at 350+ toll plazas across national and state highways in India. More toll plazas will be brought under the FASTag program in the future.

Refer to FASTag in India to learn about its benefits, working and more.

Calculate tolls for Rajasthan and other states and union territories of India

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