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How to pay missed toll in Georgia

Toll systems in Georgia for travel on I-85 express lanes and I-75 Express lanes are all electronic and do not accept cash payments. Also, a video toll system doesn’t exist in Georgia. It is a toll violation in Georgia to use the express lane without a registered Peach Pass transponder. There is a $25 administrative fee per violation occurrence, plus the toll that was not paid. If the toll and administrative fee is not paid, and the matter is brought before the Office of State Administrative Hearings, then the registered owner may be subject to a civil penalty of an additional $70 per violation. Toll violations[1]occur when a Peach Pass is not detected by electronic readers on the Georgia Express Lanes, violation enforcement cameras take a time-stamped image of the license plate. Once the image has been taken the SRTA system cross-checks the plate number against license plates identified in your account. If no match is found, a violation is processed and sent to the vehicle owner.

When does a toll violation occur in Georgia

  • Traveling through a Georgia Express Lane without a valid Peach Pass transponder
  • Entering or exiting a Georgia Express Lane improperly by crossing the double white lines
  • Using a Georgia Express Lane with an unregistered vehicle. All vehicles, even toll exempt vehicles, must be registered for a Peach Pass account with transponders placed on the windshields (motorcycle transponders can be placed on lights) before using the lanes
  • Using a Georgia Express Lane when there are insufficient funds in your account
  • Adjusting the toll mode listed on a Peach Pass account to reflect more than three occupants and then driving in the lanes with less than three occupants (applies to I-85 Express Lanes only)
  • Accessing a Georgia Express Lane in a vehicle other than one included in your Peach Pass account
  • Using a deactivated Peach Pass

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