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Mersey Gateway toll

Mersey Gateway[1] is a six lane toll bridge over River Mersey in England. It connects the towns of Runcorn and Widnes. The bridge is tolled except for Halton region residents and registered Blue Badge holders, who get unlimited trips (upon registration with MerseyFlow online).

Mersey Gateway uses a free flow tolling system, that means that the motorists do not have to stop while travelling on the bridge. The toll must be paid to Merseyflow online[2] or via telephone before midnight on the day following the crossing, or a penalty charge will be issued. 

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Mersey Gateway toll charges

Toll charges on the Mersey Gateway[3] depend on the type and size of the vehicle. Motorcycles, Halton region residents and Blue Badge holders can travel toll free. The toll charges of Mersey Gateway vary upon if the vehicle sticker is registered if it is a video registered and unregistered vehicle. 

Toll on Mersey Gateway is free for local buses and motorcycles. For all toll charges details please refer to the table below- 

Vehicle CategorySticker RegisteredVideo RegisteredUnregistered toll charges (Without discount)
Local BusesFreeFreeFree
Cars £1.80£1.90£2.00
Small vans and passenger vehicles of up to 8 seats£1.80£1.90£2.00

How to pay toll on Mersey Gateway

Mersey Gateway does not have any payment booths on the bridges. Toll charge payments for the bridge can be made up to 12 months in advance before crossing the Mersey Gateway or, until 11.59 pm the day after crossing. Not paying toll charges on time will attract a penalty charge notice of up to £60.

Payments can be made by giving your vehicle registration details via

  • Mersey quick pay app- Download at[4]
  • Online at Mersey Flow website[5]
  • By phone on 01928 878 878 
  • At Merseyflow’s walk-in centre at Howard Court, Manor Park, Runcorn, WA7 1SJ 
  • At one of 10,000 Payzone outlets across the UK
  • Buy a monthly pass for Class 2 vehicles. 

Merseyflow toll payment for Mersey Gateway

Merseyflow has the following options for various motorists

Pre-pay account

Pre-pay account[6] with Merseyflow lets you save 10% on the cost of each journey. Registering for a pre-paid account requires payment of £5 registration fee per vehicle and a £20 initial account balance to pay for the crossings

Halton residents’ account

Exclusive for Halton region Residents[7], for an annual administration fee of £10, as many personal trips across the river can be made at no extra cost. 

Travel passes

Mersey Flow travel passes include unlimited travel for class 2 vehicles. Class 2 vehicles include- Cars and small vans and passenger vehicles of up to 8 seats.  

  • Unlimited travel pass[8]– The pass remains valid for 24 hours on both bridges. It costs £90 for a month. 
  • Off-peak pass[9]– The off peak pass can be bought for £60 and can be used from – 
    • 10am – 4pm Monday – Friday
    • 7pm – 7am Monday – Friday
    • 24 hours a day Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

Blue Badge holders

Blue-Badge holders[10] can cross both bridges unlimitedly at no extra cost. However, it is required to be successfully registered with Merseyflow along with a registration fee of £5.

How to pay truck tolls on Mersey Gateway

Truck Tolls on Mersey Gateway[11] depends on the size of the vehicle and the weight of the vehicles.

Vehicle CategorySticker RegisteredVideo RegisteredUnregistered toll charges (Without discount)
Goods vehicles weighing between 3.5 and 12 tonnes£5.40£5.70£6.00
Passenger carrying vehicles with nine or more seats weighing less than 5 tonnes£5.40£5.70£6.00
Goods vehicles weighing over 12 tonnes£7.20£7.60£8.00
Passenger carrying vehicles with nine or more seats weighing more than 5 tonnes£7.20£7.60£8.00

Mersey Gateway tolling agency

For general inquiries about tolling registration and payments please contact Merseyflow[12] at

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