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Madhya Pradesh toll roads

Below is the list of NHAI operated toll plazas in Madhya Pradesh:

Toll Plaza NameNH No.Section of Highway
Allonia7Km 567.550 to Km 624.480(Lakhnadon Seoni MP Border)
Ashoka DSC Katni bypass (MoRTH)7Katni bypass (Km 361.200 To 378.600)
Bakoli26Lalitpur Sagar Lakhnadon
Barahi (MoRTH)92Gwalior to MP/UP Border (Km 0.000 to 107.500)
Baretha (MoRTH)92Gwalior to MP/UP Border (Km 0.000 to 107.500)
Borkhedi (Nagpur ByPass)7MP/Maharashtra Border – Nagpur Section
Chikhalikala347Multaichhindwara – Seroni ( Km 0.000 to Km 75.592)
Chitora26Lalitpur – Lakhnadon
Choundha3Morena Gwalior
Daroda7Borkhedi – Wadner
Fulara347Chindwara -Ring Road-Seoni ( Km 91.066 to Km 152.351)
Guna Bypass3Guna Bypass
Gwalior Bypass (Mehra)3 (Old 75 )Gwalior Byepass (Mehra)
Indore Dewas (Indore Bypass)3Indore – Dewas
Indore Dewas (Indore side)3Indore – Dewas
Jajau (Old Baretha)3Agra – Dholpur (Km 8.00 – Km 51)
Jungawani547Chindwara – Amarawara( km 23.590 to Km 57.070 & from Km 97.455 to Km 140.000)
Kelapur7Deodhari – Kelapur (Km. 123.000 to Km. 153.600)
Kelwad547Saoner – Chindwara Upto Chindwara Ring Road ( Km 0.000 to Km 75.460)
Khadda39 (Old 75E)Rewa to Sidhi
Khalghat (Indore – Khalghat)3Indore – Khalghat
Khalghat -MP/Maharashtra Border(Sendhwa, Jamli)3Khalghat MP/Maharashtra (Km 84.700 to Km 167.500)
Khambara69Nagpur – Saoner – Betul ( Km 3.00 to Km 59.300 and Km 137.00 Km 257.400 )
Koshta (MoRTH)7Rewa by Pass
Malthone26Lalitpur – Lakhnadon
Mansar (Kamptee – Kanhan Bypass)/ Tekadi7MP/Maharashtra Border – Nagpur Section
Milanpur69Nagpur – saoner – Betul (Km 3.000 to Km 59.300 and Km 137.000 Km 257.401)
Parvati Bridge (MoRTH)12Parvati Bridge
Patanswangi69Nagpur – Saoner – Betul (Km 3.000 to Km 59.300 and Km 137.000 Km 257.402)
Sendurwafa6Chattisgarh/Maharashtra Border – Wainganga Bridge
Sonvarsaa39 (Old 75E)Rewa to Sidhi
Sonvay (Indore – Khalghat)3Indore – Khalghat
Titarpani26Lalitpur – Lakhnadon
WEPL Mathani6Km. 498.000 to Km. 544.200(Nagpur-Wainganga)

Madhya Pradesh toll calculator calculates tolls and fuel expenses for cars, vans, jeeps, trucks, trailers, buses and motorcycles for all the toll roads in Madhya Pradesh and nearby states.

How to pay toll in Madhya Pradesh

You can pay tolls using Cash on all the toll plazas in Madhya Pradesh. Some of the toll plazas also accept payments using FASTag, a tag that enables automatic electronic deduction of toll charges and lets you pass through the toll plaza without stopping for the cash transaction.

Below is the list of toll plazas that accept FASTag.

Plaza NamePlaza CityConcessionaire
Khalghat Toll PlazaDharOriental
ChoundhaMorenaAgra Gwalior Pathways
MalthoneSagarDPJ DRA Tollways
ChitoraSagarDPJ DRA Tollways
TitarpaniSagarDPJ DRA Tollways
BakoriDamohDPJ DRA Tollways
RamnagarShivpuriJhansi Baran Pathways
GunaGunaGuna Infra
Jamli Toll PllazaBarwaniKhalghat Sendhwa Tollways Pvt Ltd
IDTL Toll Plaza-AIndoreIndore Dewas Tollways
IDTL Toll Plaza-BDewasIndore Dewas Tollways
Khambara Toll PlazaBetulOriental Nagpur Betul Highway Pvt ltd
Milanpur Toll PlazaBetulOriental Nagpur Betul Highway Pvt ltd
SONWAY Toll PlazaOriental Pathways(Indore) PVT LTD
Fanda Toll PlazaBhopal
Amlaha Toll PlazaSehore
Bhourasa Toll PlazaDewas

Pay toll in Madhya Pradesh with FASTag

main article: FASTag in India

FASTag is an electronic toll tag that works across all the toll roads of Madhya Pradesh, its neighboring states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharastra and other Indian states and union territories. With this installed on your vehicle, you can pass through electronic toll plazas without having to stop to pay tolls. It automatically deducts the relevant charges from the linked account. Apart from being a fast and secure method to pay tolls in India, it is also cheaper than paying toll in cash.

It is currently operational at 350+ toll plazas across national and state highways in India. More toll plazas will be brought under the FASTag program in the future.

Refer to FASTag in India to learn about its benefits, working and more.

Calculate tolls for Madhya Pradesh and other states and union territories of India

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