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M6 Toll

M6 Toll[1] also known as Midland Expressway located in Birmingham heads towards Walsall, Tamworth, Cannock, Lichfield, Burntwood and Sutton Coldfield. The motorway connects M6 Junction 3a at the Coleshill Interchange to M6 Junction 11A at Wolverhampton with 27 miles of six-lane motorway. 

The M6 Toll has two payment plazas, Great Wyrley Toll Plaza for northbound and Weeford Toll Plaza for southbound. The northbound toll plaza is situated between junctions T6 and T7, and the southbound between junctions T4 and T3. When approaching an M6toll plaza, the overhead symbols direct motorists to the appropriate lane for the appropriate method of payment. There is 

During weekdays the day rate applies from 7am – 7pm. The off-peak rates also apply during weekdays between 5am-7am and 7pm-11pm. At the weekend the day rate applies to all journeys made between 5am-11pm and the night rate is applicable to all journeys made between the hours of 11pm and 5am. To know all M6 Toll charges.

The M6 Toll Toll Calculator calculates toll and tolls for all other toll motorways, roads, bridges and tunnels in UK for cars, trucks, trailers, caravans, motorhomes and motorcycles for peak and off-peak hours.

M6 toll for truck

HGV class of vehicles includes both coaches and trucks. HGV toll onM6[2] is charged according to their size, which toll plaza they pass through, the time of the day, and the day of the week. 

HGV toll on M6

JunctionsGreat Wyrley MainlineWeeford Park Junction
M6 toll for Day (Weekday) £ 12.00£ 10.90
M6 toll for Off Peak (Weekday)£ 11.90£ 10.70
M6 toll for Night (Weekday)£ 9.10£ 7.80
M6 toll for Day (Weekend)£ 10.30£ 9.10
M6 toll for Night (Weekend)£ 9.10£ 7.80

M6 Toll charges

M6 tolls are charged according to the vehicle size, the toll plaza they pass through, the time of the day, and the day of the week. Read more about the toll charges at M6 expressway

How to pay M6 toll

M6 toll payment can be done in the following means.

  • M6 toll TAG electronic pre-payment method[3]
  • Contactless with fuel card, credit or debit card
  • Discounted tickets

Midlands Expressway does not accept cash. Thus, the M6 toll payment cannot be made with cash.

Refer to the M6 toll payment methods page to know more about toll payment methods at M6 toll.

M6 toll tolling agency

Midland Expressway[4] maintains and operates the M6 Toll. For any toll related queries, you can contact the customer service at: M6Toll[5] or email at[6].

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