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Itchen Bridge toll

Itchen Bridge[1] extends across the River Itchen in Southampton, Hampshire, located about a mile from the river mouth. It connects the A3025 Portsmouth Road to Southampton. At the Woolston end, a toll booth operates daily. Southampton City Council levies a variable toll, depending on vehicle type and time of day of crossing. You must pay a toll to cross the Itchen Bridge in Southampton. This can be paid in advance by topping up a SmartCities card or with cash when you reach the toll booth.

The Itchen bridge Toll Calculator calculates toll and tolls for all other toll motorways, roads, bridges and tunnels in UK for cars, trucks, trailers, caravans, motorhomes and motorcycles for peak and off-peak hours.

Itchen Bridge toll charge

Itchen Bridge toll charge is according to the type of vehicle, size, time of day and day of the week. Charges are calculated by vehicle height at the front axle in meters. 

Itchen Bridge toll charge for vehicles

There is no toll for motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles on the Itchen Bridge. Peak times are Monday to Friday 7-9:30 am and 4-6:30 pm. All other times are off peak, including weekends and bank holidays. There is no charge on Christmas Day.

Vehicle CategoryToll ratesConcessions
Motorcycles and 3 wheelersFree
Cars and small vans80p (Peak)
70p (Off-peak)
Free for electric vehicle
Free for Disabled people
Discount for residents- 40p (Peak)
30p (Off-peak)
Large Vans£1.40Business Concessionary toll: 60pSCC registered taxi: 60pElectric vehicle: free

How to pay Itchen Bridge toll

Itchen Bridge toll charge[2] can be paid through the following methods

  • SmartCity card
  • With cash at the toll booth

How to get a SmartCity card to pay toll on the Itchen Bridge

Residents and non-residents of Southampton City Council can use a SmartCity card to pay the toll charges on the Itchen Toll Bridge.

  • Apply online for a SmartCities card[3] to pay the toll on the Itchen Bridge. 
  • The form can also be printed out and applied in person at Southampton City Council library in Southampton, or in Gateway in One Guildhall Square.
  • The card can be topped up online[4].
  • If you are a resident of Southampton City Council, the card will apply the residents’ discount when used to cross the bridge.

Itchen Bridge Invoice

If you are unable to pay the Itchen Bridge toll, there is an option of taking a payment slip or Itchen Bridge invoice. This is called a deferred payment. Deferred payment gives seven days to pay the toll plus a £2 admin fee. 

Paying Itchen Bridge invoice

Itchen Bridge invoices can be paid online. You will need your invoice number which can be found at the top right or bottom right of the invoice.

How to pay truck toll on Itchen Bridge

Truck tolls are calculated according to the size, time of day and day of week. Charges are calculated by vehicle height at the front axle in metres. 

Truck Toll on Itchen Bridge

Towed extras such as trailers and caravans are considered part of the vehicle. The charges for HGV’s having a height of more than 2.39 m are charged at £25.00 and are eligible to receive business concessionary of £2.00. 

Itchen Bridge tolling agency

For toll related queries contact customer service by calling at 023 8083 3008 or visit at Southampton City Council website[5] for more information.  

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