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Venezuela has a more concentrated network of motorways in the northern and western regions1, amongst others. There are 71 toll roads that fall under the sole responsibility of the regional authorities who charge the public using the routes so that the proceeds from the toll booths can be used for the development of the roads and provide care services to the drivers2. The road network in Venezuela measures upto 100,000 km and based on this length Venezuela stands 47th in the world1. Tolls can be paid using cash or prepaid cards like CobreTag, INVIALCA, etc. The major toll roads and bridges in Venezuela are:

What are the toll rates in Venezuela?

The tolls in Venezuela are as depicted below:

Toll rates For Venezuela (Average)
Vehicle Types Toll Rates
Lightweight vehicles Bs. 0.50 to Bs. 2
Microbuses Bs. 2 to Bs. 10
Small cargo vehicles Bs. 15 to Bs. 20
2 axles trucks Bs. 20 to Bs. 25
3 axles trucks Bs. 23 to Bs. 28
4 axles trucks Bs. 25 to Bs. 30
5 axles trucks Bs. 23 to Bs. 28
6 or more axles trucks Bs. 35 to Bs. 45

Toll rates in Venezuela depend on the toll road used and the class of the vehicle. To accurately calculate Venezuela tolls use TollGuru toll calculator.

How is the toll paid in Venezuela?

Tolls in Venezuela can be paid using:

  • Cash - This method is accepted on toll roads throughout the country.
  • Electronic toll payment method - This method includes payments using a device which is attached to the windshield of the vehicle and when it communicates with an antenna at the toll booth, the barrier is lifted making a pathway for the vehicle. However, this method is not accepted on all the toll roads.

CobreTag Venezuela

CobreTag[1], a product of Cobremex, is an electronic toll payment system which allows the drivers to pay the tolls automatically as they pass through the toll plazas administered by Cobremex in the states of Portuguesa, Lara, Falcón, Monagas and Sucre. CobreTag can be recharged for registered users of lightweight vehicles by going personally to one of the contact points throughout the country or by mailing to the address

Refer to the CobreTag to learn how to get it, where it works and how to use it.

Vehicle Classification

Vehicles are categorized into the following nine categories:

  • Light Vehicles: Cars and pick-up trucks constitute this category.
  • Mini-buses: This category includes passenger vehicles that carry 16 to 32 passengers.
  • Buses: This category includes passenger vehicles that carry more than 32 passengers.
  • Light cargo vehicles: This category includes 350 or similar, light vehicles with trailers, light cranes and platform cranes.
  • 2 axles: This category includes 750 or similar vehicles and cranes(weighing a maximum of 19 tons).
  • 3 axles vehicle
  • 4 axles vehicle
  • 5 axles vehicle
  • 6 or more axles vehicles

What is the toll rate along the Autopista Caracas-Valencia?

The length of Autopista Caracas-Valencia (Autopista Regional del Centro) is 115 km and it connects the cities of Caracas, Maracay and Valencia.

Toll rates for Las Tejerías, La Encrucijada, Palo Negro and Guacara
Plaza Name Light Vehicles Microbuses Autobuses 350 trucks 2-axle trucks
Las Tejerías Bs. 1 Bs. 3 Bs. 5 Bs. 20 Bs. 22
La Encrucijada Bs. 1 Bs. 3 Bs. 5 Bs. 5 Bs. 10
Palo Negro Bs. 1 Bs. 3 Bs. 5 Bs. 5 Bs. 10
Guacara Bs. 1 Bs. 5 Bs. 10 Bs. 18 Bs. 20

What is the toll on the Puente General Rafael Urdaneta?

The length of Puente General Rafael Urdaneta is about 8.78 km between the city of Maracaibo and the rest of the parts of Venezuela.

Toll rates For La Chinita
Plaza Name Light Vehicles Microbuses Autobuses 350 trucks 2-axle trucks
Las Tejerías Bs. 1 Bs. 1 Bs. 1 Bs. 10 Bs. 15

Calculate tolls and fuel cost to travel across Venezuela

Calculate routes, tolls and fuel costs for your travel by car, SUV, pick-up truck, truck, motorcycle and RV (with or without trailer) in Venezuela and other Latin American countries using TollGuru Trip Calculator. It also shows the cheapest, fastest and other optimal routes to your destination along with toll plaza(s) location en route, payment methods and more.

Rideshare, OEM, TMS, fleet companies and other transport businesses can leverage toll intelligence by integrating with the TollGuru Toll API for pre-trip calculation and post-trip reconciliation.


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