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You can pay tolls on Hood River Bridge[1] by using BreezeBy tag. On the Bridge of Gods[2], you need to use cash. You can use most major credit cards, though additional fees do apply.

Video tolling system such as Pay by plate system doesn’t exists on either of the bridges.

Toll payment methods for Oregon bridges

Not all toll payment methods are accepetd at all Washington toll bridges. Following is the summary:

BreezeBy Tag payment

You can use BreezeBy tag for toll payment at:

  • Hood River Bridge

Cash payment

You can use cash for toll payment at:

  • Hood River Bridge
  • Bridge of the Gods

Video toll payment or Pay By Mail

Oregon bridges doesn’t have video tolling system such as pay by plate system.

You can calculate the toll charge at these bridges and other roads for you car, truck, motorcycle, RV and trailers from our Oregon Toll Calculator.

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