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How to pay missed toll in Kentucky

If you did not have a RiverLink[1]account for tolls in Kentucky, or compatible E-ZPass from other states (such as Indiana E-ZPass), you would be paying a higher toll fee (Invoice is sent to the license plate registered address). To pay the invoice you would need the Invoice Number, License Plate information (State and Number), and a payment method (credit card, debit card, or ACH). But if you were driving a rental car, you would not be able to pay the tolls directly to RiverLink. The invoices for missed tolls for rental cars are sent to the rental car company. Therefore, depending on the rental car agency’s policies, you might have to pay toll charges to your rental company. To know your options better, we suggest you to please reach out to RiverlLink, the agency that manages tolls in Indiana and Kentucky, at 1-855 RIV-LINK (748-5465) or email your query at For more information about how to pay tolls in Kentucky visit here. You can calculate toll charges for your trip using Kentucky toll calculator.


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